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Strange Combinations

 Okay my friends.  Let’s discuss weird food combinations.  What foods do you mix together that *you* think is so good but somebody else would say eeeww nasty?

I’ll start – snorts with piggy laughter.  When mom/dad go to the movies, which is infrequent but does happen, mom has to have popcorn while dad is a huge nacho fan.  Dad will dip his nacho in his cheese and then put the cheesy nacho in mom’s popcorn to pick up some popcorn before eating it.  Can you see his nacho in mom’s popcorn.  Disgusting huh?  I haven’t seen such a disgrace since peanut butter bumped into chocolate.. oh wait a minute.  I do like that combination.

Then there’s mom who when she fixes tuna for sandwiches, cuts up green olives with the pimentos and throws it into the mix.

Another thing that mom does – when she fixes a peanut butter sandwich, she crumbles up plain potato chips and puts inside of the sandwich. Yep, inside of the sandwich.  Shakes piggy head.  Unbelievable huh?

So what do your humans fix that seems weird.  Please share.  My humans can’t be the only strange ones.



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Journey with Friends

Welcome my friends to our weekly issue of Journey with Friends.  This is a time that we come together for support, for encouragement, for fellowship – all with one single goal in mind – to live better.  Welcome to our journey to share our goals and our accomplishments and our disappointments and frustrations.

Together we can do this!

How are you my friends?  Did you have great results last week?  Here, not so much.  I have not gained but I have not pushed it like I should.  I had a hard time getting back into the swing of things from coming off my birthday.  But that’s okay.  I’m better today and this week will be great.  Last week I did walk 15,612 steps which equates to 7.39 miles.  I’m good with that.  In a month, I’ve walked a little over 40 miles.  When you look at it like that, it’s awesome!  So although the scales aren’t playing nice, I still feel like I’m doing something which is a great feeling.  So my friends, here’s to another week.  We can do this!!


Miles Walked Since 06/13/2016: 40.80 miles


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