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Not on My Watch

So today is the last full day that our guests are here.  That sucks.  I mean really it does.  We have all had such a fantastic time playing and laughing with them.  Last night we had a few friends over.

I lost my watch.  I know who would have thought that me as a pig would wear a watch but I do.  I gotta keep up with my social hour.  So at this party, I noticed my watch was gone.  Across the room, one of our guests had been drinking too much and I saw him starting to harass mom.  That’s when I noticed he was standing on my watch. The nerve of him.  I walked right up to him, snouted him in the chins and then hit him with my head knocking him over.  No one does that to my mom.  Not on my watch.  Snorts with piggy laughter.


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