What? Really? No Way!

24 Mar

For Bashful’s birthday on Friday, mom/dad took him out to a local restaurant that has really awesome southern food.  He said that he was in desperate need for great food.

I tell you – in some ways that rock eats better than I do here.

In this picture, you can see that he ordered beef tips over rice, macaroni and cheese and sweet potato souffle.  Talk about southern comfort food huh?  Bashful said it was totally delicious and that he even licked his plate clean.  That’s my boy!

When Bashful came home, me and him had a heart to heart about some of his travels and his plans for the future.  That’s when he told me something that I couldn’t believe.  I think I actually fell over because it was totally unbelievable.  He told me a secret that I was shocked – astonished – I couldn’t fathom it to be true.  So I did what any piggy would do.  I ran to my mommy.

Mommy!  Bashful told me X-Y-Z.  Is it true?  My mom got this silly grin on her face and said, “It could be.”  WHAT?  I tell you I cried.  I literally cried like a little baby – look at this picture!

What the piggy heavens?  My friends.  You are so NOT going to believe this secret.  I’m dying to tell you but I can’t.  But Oh My Piggy Heavens.  You will absolutely WET yourself when you find out what it is.  Shaking my piggy head.  It’s like a dream come true.

So until I can tell you, you will just have to sit and simmer and hope that I don’t spontaneous combust from excitement.


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25 responses to “What? Really? No Way!

  1. easyweimaraner

    03/24/2016 at 12:35 pm

    Oh what is it… what is it…what is it… now I’m egg-sided too… a hint?

    • Piglove

      03/24/2016 at 12:45 pm

      No hints – my piggy lips are sealed. I just can’t believe it brother. It is *that* good. XOXO – Bacon

  2. The Canadian Cats

    03/24/2016 at 1:49 pm

    Ohh, a secret…I like secrets…tell me….I won’t say a waord. MOL


    • Piglove

      03/24/2016 at 2:04 pm

      Snorts with piggy laughter stomps hooves and runs around the Hotel Thompson. I would so *love* to tell you but mom says nope. It has to remain a secret… for now. XOXO – Bacon

      • The Canadian Cats

        03/24/2016 at 2:22 pm

        Cwap!! I’ll have to wait like everybody else….hope I don’t wet myself when you tell us! I think I have a weak bladder…I’ll go to the kitty litter before I read about your secret.

      • Piglove

        03/24/2016 at 3:26 pm

        Please do my friend. It is a HUGE secret – H.U.G.E. XOXO – Bacon

  3. databbiesotrouttowne

    03/24/2016 at 2:09 pm

    dood….iz bashful noe longer bashful N himz gonna be a proud poppa ta sum pebbles…… !!

    we iz off line fora few sew heerz two a ham samich, dino eggz, happee easturr, kinda week oh end two everee one !! ►◄►◄►◄►◄

    • Piglove

      03/24/2016 at 3:26 pm

      Snorts with piggy laughter – I think you got it all covered my sweet friend. And you know Bashful has a child, right? His name is Chip. XOXO – Bacon

  4. Skyler Braveheart

    03/24/2016 at 2:35 pm

    Ah gone on Bacon! You know we would NEVER tell………

    • Piglove

      03/24/2016 at 3:27 pm

      Snorts with piggy laughter. Sure I know that but my mom says absolutely NO TELLING right now. But I will give you a hint – it’s HUGE NEWS. It’s totally HUGE. XOXO – Bacon

  5. speedyrabbit

    03/24/2016 at 3:00 pm

    OMB what can it be this secret?This is so exciting,xx Speedy

    • Piglove

      03/24/2016 at 3:28 pm

      Oh my friend – you just totally won’t believe it when you find out. I was totally shocked and that takes a lot for me be shocked. I couldn’t believe it. But mom and dad says it’s true and it’s going to happen. I’m still like in awe. XOXO – Bacon

      • speedyrabbit

        03/24/2016 at 3:54 pm

        I can’t wait,xx Speedy

  6. Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs

    03/24/2016 at 5:36 pm

    oh the excitement is amazing – what could it be?

    • Piglove

      03/25/2016 at 9:52 am

      hhmm – it’s good my friend. Really good. I wish I could tell more but I can’t at this particular time. XOXO – Bacon

  7. Nylabluesmum

    03/24/2016 at 6:17 pm

    What oh what can thiss miss-tery bee Unccle Bacon??? LadyMum says nuffin wood sirprize her when it comes to thee ‘littul rocker’!
    Mee iss toe-tallee cure-euss all so….
    ***nose bumpsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum xxxxxxxx

    • Piglove

      03/25/2016 at 9:53 am

      Oh my nefkitty. It’s such exciting news that even “I” couldn’t believe it. I squealed with excitement just like daddy said mommy did. It’s BIG. XOXO – Bacon

  8. lexitheschnauzer

    03/24/2016 at 8:17 pm

    We can’t stand this! You are a tease!

    • Piglove

      03/25/2016 at 9:53 am

      I know – I know. I’m sorry I can’t say more. Mom would be totally upset if I did but trust me… it’s HUGE news. XOXO – Bacon

  9. Hannah (BitterSweet)

    03/24/2016 at 10:27 pm

    Ah, what a cliff hanger! I’m definitely curious now, too…

    • Piglove

      03/25/2016 at 9:55 am

      Oh my friend. It’s good. It’s huge. It’s something we thought would never, ever, EVER happen. And we are all totally overwhelmed by it here at the Hotel Thompson. XOXO – Bacon

  10. gentlestitches

    03/24/2016 at 10:30 pm

    Hmm. A secret that you Bacon describes as “a dream come true” and involves Bashful. Hmmm. My guess is you are going to go with Bashful on his next trip. 😀

    • Piglove

      03/25/2016 at 9:55 am

      Snorts. I wish! I only travel first class – snorts with piggy laughter. Now that would be a dream come true Auntie Sharon. Me flying to see YOU and YOU picking me up at the airport. Snorts and oinks. XOXO – Bacon

  11. Fozziemum

    03/26/2016 at 9:53 pm

    Oh my bacon what is the secret!! you know i am impatient at the best of times!! how do your peeps expect you to keep secrets when you have friends who demand answers hahaahha 🙂 oh boy..i can’t wait..but i guess i have too..dang 😦 Loves Fozziemum xx

    • Piglove

      03/28/2016 at 11:44 am

      I know – I know! My piggy lips are sealed. Daddy said if I told, he would make a biscuit out of my butt. Squeals! I kind of like my butt without a biscuit if you know what I mean. But believe me. It’s good. Really good! Something no one would ever imagine ever! XOXO – Bacon


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