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The Great Snowmageddon 2016

  Oh friends – the south has scored again with The Great Snowmageddon 2016.  It was scary.  We had warnings early last week that it could possibly be bad – especially here in the north Georgia mountains.  By early hours Friday morning, the winds were picking up and the rains had moved into the area.  Schools, businesses and state government were either shut down or shutting down early.  But never fear, mom’s work didn’t think along those lines and she had to go to work.  Snorts – poor mom.

She went into work and nothing happened all day.  The weather just maintained and quit raining.  It looked so good when mom left work, her and dad decided to go out to eat for dinner. During dinner, that’s when the fat lady started singing and it started snowing.  Patrons of the restaurant flocked to the windows to look at the pretty white stuff falling from the sky.  I mean heck, living in the south we just don’t see that.  And the philosophy of the south – we see one snowflake and the city shuts down.  Mom even video taped part of the action for me to share… enjoy this video.

So it was late at night, the snow was coming down.  It was raining in between.  The winds were blowing something fierce.  Us anipals were not amused at any of this.  We all went to bed that night thinking the worse for Saturday morning – which I might add that morning Houdini had an appointment at the Spa – which he really needed – snorts.


The next morning, mom/dad are laying in bed listening to the wind when mom’s iPhone goes off.  She received a text from Houdini’s groomer saying they were cancelling all appointment due to the inclement weather and he would be rescheduled next week.  Receiving this call, mom looked at dad and shook her head. Neither one of them wanted to get out of the nice warm big bed to investigate how bad it would look outside in the elements.  Mommy finally ventured to the back door and looked out on my magical kingdom and deck.  Really?  Well, we did have some white stuff out there – not in the yard or trees but the deck.  Does this count?


Mom then felt brave enough to venture out the front of the house to look at traces of Snowmageddon 2016 in the South.  Okay, if you look closely in this picture, you will see some white stuff.  Look close – bottom of the picture towards the front porch.  There you go.  That’s snow… or what the meteorologists call snow.

img_5357Mom went outside in her slippers and bathrobe to check out this mysterious substance.  And look what she found on the back of the Jeep – more snow.  WOW – it really did come down in buckets here at the Hotel Thompson, you think?

But then it dawned on mom – the psychic meteorologists said there was ice too out there and to be watchful of driving.  Some even said you may not want to leave the house in fear of the ice.  So knowing mom’s profession, she put on her Inspector Gadget hat and borrowed dad’s magnifying glass.  So let me set the picture my friends of my mom.

Bright and early Saturday morning, wind is blowing, mom is wearing her fuzzy slippers and her bathrobe that covers her from head to toe, Inspector Gadget hat and dad’s magnifying glass walking around the front yard like she is looking for fingerprints on the grass.  That’s when she spots it – the infamous ICE.  Here, I blew the picture up for your convenience so you can see it.  ICE in the south.  No wonder the city shut down!  Snorts with piggy laughter.img_5362


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Journey with Friends

Welcome my friends to our weekly issue of Journey with Friends.  This is a time that we come together for support, for encouragement, for fellowship – all with one single goal in mind – to live better.  Welcome to our journey to share our goals and our accomplishments and our disappointments and frustrations.

Together we can do this!

How did you do my friends?  I was down 1 pound this week – I’ll take it.  Anything going “down” is something I love.  I’ve thought about it so hard lately – you know this new way of eating better.  It didn’t happen overnight gaining the weigh and it’s not going to happen overnight losing the weight.  Any small difference adds up to a big difference – makes sense?  I’ve eaten some things this week that probably wasn’t the wisest decisions therefore the 1 pound down.  But, you have to live in the moment and not have “I should have” moments down the road.  I’m working on that too and trying to make a compromise.

I’m also working on a transformation of sorts with myself as well.  Sometimes we get *stuck* with the way we look – hair, make-up, glasses, etc.  Every so often it’s good to reinvent your look to make things more exciting and new.  I’m going through one of those butterfly moments this week.  Hopefully next week, I will post pictures to share with you to see what you think.

Hope YOU had a wonderful week and made wonderful choices my friends.  Hugs


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