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Rain, Rain and MORE Rain

 This is a picture that mom took the other morning coming out of the neighborhood of the Hotel Thompson.  Do you see all that rain?  On the sides of the street, falling from the sky and on the car?  I told mom she needed a boat not a Jeep to get to work – jeez!

And all of this rain… sighs.  It makes my deviled ham side come out to play.  I can admit that.  See, time of the year I kind of go into hibernation mode.  I don’t play as much.  I don’t eat as much.  And I sleep lots.  But the weather here in Georgia, it has me messed up.  It’s still hot – not cold like it should be in winter.  And ALL of this rain – OMP!  I’m getting cabin fever with the rain.

So deviled ham comes out.  Shivers – you don’t want to meet deviled ham.  He doesn’t know how to play nice.  He doesn’t have any manners.  He doesn’t mind mom/dad.  AND… he’s very destructive.  You won’t like me when I’m deviled ham.  Mom says she much prefers her sweet Bacon.

I found this picture on iFunny and had to share.  It says everything about our desperate situation right now of RAIN RAIN GO AWAY!


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Bacon’s Show and Tell

This month for Bacon’s Show and Tell we are highlighting December.  What we do, traditions, food, parties with friends and family – what special things do we do for the Christmas holidays?

Now mom/dad have been together since Moby Dick was a minnow.  Daddy said that when he was courting mommy, every year for Christmas they would go to mom’s family in the morning with presents and dinner.  Then in the afternoon, they would head to dad’s family for presents and dinner.  It was certainly a full day surrounded by family, food, love and LOTS of people coming/going.

Once mommy decided to let daddy ‘catch her’ and put a ring on her finger by marriage, their house was the gathering point for a couple of years for the family dinner and presents.  Then here and there, moms and dads passed away and it was time for my mom/dad to start making their own ‘family’ tradition.

Since mom/dad don’t have any two legged creatures for Christmas, me and the other anipals here at the Hotel Thompson step up.  Hey, it’s the least we can do for mom/dad, right?  So we leave out little hints – cut outs from pet store magazines, videos from television and paw prints spelling out what we want from Santa.  Then mom/dad have a direct line to Santa and tell him everything.  On Christmas day, we all get up at the crack of dawn and rush to the living room to shred open presents.  It’s a grand time in our day.

Then when we have played with our toys and ate some treats, we anipals take a nap so that mom/dad can do their Christmas.  You ask what?  Well, you just *know* it’s going to involve food – snorts with piggy laughter.

For years now, mom/dad go to a local restaurant for all you can eat CRAB LEGS.  Can you believe that?  How traditional is that?  Not so much but they absolutely love it.  And let me tell you something.  They are serious about their crab legs.  They wear bibs and everything and they have tools.  Tools to eat?!  WOW – I don’t have tools to eat… well unless you count my powerful snout and hooves – snorts with piggy laughter.


But they get buckets of crab made in a spicy boil that are delivered fresh and steaming to their table.  They then throw caution to the wind and get cracking.  Neither one of them throw in the towel until they are happily full of crab meat.

This is their time to spend together, talk about family that have passed, laugh and joke about their days together.  They talk about their life together and drink to years more to come.  They talk about their love for each other.

And talking about love. Mom has bad arthritis in her fingers.  There comes to a point in her crab cracking that those fingers just give out.  And what does daddy do about it?  He will sit there and crack open her crab legs for her to eat.  Now my friends, that is love!


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