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25 Days of Christmas

Oh my friends – what a joyous day it is.  Today starts my 25 Days of Christmas.  For the next 25 days, I will be posting a special Christmas Card to everyone that my humans have actually sent out over the years from the Hotel Thompson.  We do hope you enjoy them my friends.


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Oh NO – Elf Porn

Are you kidding me?!  Don Juan is really starting up BAD this year.  Mom heard noises last night around midnight.  She pinpointed the sounds to the bathroom.  The door was closed and she quietly opened it and caught Don Juan video taping some of mom’s collectible Barbies in a so called ‘hot sink’.  Talk about mad!  Are you kidding me Don Juan?!  Making porn tapes is one thing.  But taking mom’s collectible Barbies out of the packages – oh my piggy heavens.  It’s a good thing you scurried off the sink and hid before she caught you.  You are so on mom’s hit list now.


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Dear Bacon

  Dear Bacon – Help.  Really help.  My humans are now dressing me to look like them.  See the matching socks.  Shakes head and lowers it in shame.  What will my friends think when they see me out for my walk now?  What will the humans do next?  Matching contacts?  Oh dear puppy heavens.  Help.  Signed Socks the Wonder

Dear Socks the Wonder – You know my friend, you need to look at the bright side of this situation. Your feet will always be warm.  Everyone will always know where and who you belong to.  And you are styling.  All good things.  And hey what does it matter what the others say or think?  Your humans love and pamper you and we can *never* get too much of that my friend 🙂

  Dear Bacon – I don’t get it.  The humans get on this tread machine behind a closed door and get off tired and sweaty.  I’m on this machine.  I’m not tired nor sweaty.  What does it do to them that it’s not doing to me?  I think the humans are putting on.  What do you think?  Signed Relaxed Kitty

Dear Relaxed Kitty – Oh my friend.  I’ve seen this machine in action.  It’s not a pretty vision to behold.  In fact, once my daddy threatened to put me on it.  Shivers – it was a close call.  Thank goodness my mom overheard and stepped into action.  This machine is a monster!  It moves and makes the human chase after it.  If the human doesn’t, the human gets thrown off against the wall.  Humans fear it and we should too!  Maybe in this picture you were the tread machine whisperer?  Yep, that’s got to be it my friend.

  Dear Bacon –  I don’t get it my friend.  Why do people look at me and laugh?  I’m not funny.  This is actually my serious look.  I’ve been called a lot of things – some even say elf.  Can you imagine that – me a regal purr thing being called an elf?  What are these people thinking?  Can you give me any highlights to why humans laugh?  Signed Dobby

Dear Dobby – Hangs head.  I have to admit my friend.  You asked for help and yes I did chuckle myself.  I am so sorry.  You see, I think it may be because you remind them of someone famous in the movies.  If you get the time over the next couple of weeks, might I suggest you watching the Harry Potter series.  They are actually very good and you may catch some resemblance to one of the characters.  In fact, I’m sure your humans know about the series since they named you Dobby.  Just sayin.  🙂

Dear Bacon – Really?  My humans took me outside and wanted me to do what?  Run?  Are they hilarious or what?  They threw a ball and expected me to get it.  They threw a Frisbee and expected me to get it.  Heck, I’m not the one that needs the exercise.  I just sat down and rolled around laughing while watching them jog back and forth picking up these items.  Heck I know how to play fetch but they needed the exercise after the holidays – not me.  Barks!  Signed Einstein

Dear Einstein – That’s brilliant my friend.  What a great helper you are to your humans in keeping them in shape and helping them after eating all of that Thanksgiving food.  You are definitely a keeper!

 Dear Bacon –  There we are all were floating around minding our own business and that’s when it happened.  It was the Ninja Turtles in action fighting for their turf.  What a bunch of thugs I’m telling you.  And talk about fighting dirty in the mud.  WOW – we couldn’t believe it.  And yeah, there might have been some bets being placed on who would win.  What?  We all gotta have some fun, right?  Signed Turtle Throw Down

Dear Turtle Throw Down – WOW – I think I’ve seen everything now my friends.  And it did look like it brought a crowd to your water point in that throw down.  Can you tell me who won? Michaelangelo?  Leonardo? Raphael? Donatello?  Hopefully it was a clean fight with no super powers being brought out.  Keep it clean my friends.


Remember my friends that Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue to send your pictures and letters to my email address. 🙂


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