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Breakfast of Champions

Oh friends – I hope that you have had a fantastic week.  I know we have since mom has been home from the worky place this past week.  We have all snuggled and slept and cuddled and slept some more.  I think mom is getting a lot of rest this week which is awesome to all of us anipals.

 I do have to share something that mom/dad found this week.  They went out yesterday morning for a little bit of this thing called Black Friday.  No way I was getting up out of my nice comfortable bed at the time they left the Hotel Thompson.  But somewhere along the way, dad ordered some reindeer pancakes.  They looked just like this picture.  Can you imagine eating Rudolph?  No way!  Not even this piggy has the nerve to eat Santa’s head reindeer.  That has to put dad on Santa’s naughty list – I’m just saying.

And don’t worry – I am especially glad this time that dad didn’t bring me home a piggy bag – snorts.  But on the other hoof, mom did.  And let me tell you – it was fantastic.


What did mom bring me?  Pancake puppies.  Enough said?  I think not – squeals.  These look like hush puppies but they are not – they are made with pancake batter and called puppies.  They are served with syrup which mom/dad went with sugar free syrup.  I on the other hoof prefer them plain and simple – straight up if you will.  And I will tell you something – they are fantastic!

So did you eat anything exciting over the holiday?  Anything that makes you go hhmm I would like to have some more of that?  Do share my friends – do share!  And have a fantastic day!





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