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Don’t Forget Time Change

Today is the day my friends – don’t forget about Daylight Savings Time.  Tonight before bedtime, move your clocks *back* an hour.  Good thing is we get an extra hour of sleep.  Bad thing is we have to get used to the time adjustment all over again – snorts.  This also means mommy will leave in the dark for the worky place and come home in the dark from the worky place.  That kind of sucks for her – she’ll never get to see this thing called the sun.  Snorts!

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend so far.  It’s rained all week and today has been sporadic here/there.  Tomorrow more rain – someone wake me when it’s Spring okay ūüôā


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31 Days of Spook – Salt and Pepper

Many years ago, mom/dad went to their favorite place to vacation – Tybee Island. ¬†It was early October, the weather was perfect. ¬†They went to some of their favorite shops just looking. ¬†That’s when mom spotted this duo and just *had* to have them for the Hotel Thompson. ¬†I mean – look at them – who could resist, right? ¬†And I do have to admit that they are the perfect addition here – especially this time of the year.

I hope that you have had a wonderful time here this month on my blog – and that you haven’t been frightened too much. ¬†Today I leave you on my last day of 31 Days of Spook with Salt and Pepper for your entertainment. ¬†Have a Spooky Halloween tonight my friends… watch out for ghosts. ¬†PIGABOO!





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31 Days of Spook – La Pascualita

Oh my friends.  This tale today is scary unbelievable. It makes you want to do a double take… and possibly a triple take.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  You see working on my 31 Days of Spook takes month of advance preparation.  All year long, I’m looking for just the right stories to bring to you.  Stories of the macabre, ghosts, strange tales, paranormal and things that go bump in the night.  But this story, it caught my attention and I’ve been waiting for some time to share it.

This is something that is strange.  It takes place in Chihuahua, Mexico.  There’s a well known bridal shop in the town called La Popular.  In the bridal shop, there is a mannequin nicknamed La Pascualita that is wearing a wedding dress in the store window.  Sounds all innocent enough, right?  Well here’s the twist.  Some say that La Pascualita might be real.  Do I have your interest piqued now?

You see, for the past 75 years this bridal shop has had rumors flying around about La Pascualita.  Some believe that this mannequin is actually a perfectly preserved corpse!

La Pascualita was placed in the window on March 25, 1930.  Locals saw it and knew that something just wasn’t right about it.  Look at the pictures to the left.  Do you know notice anything odd?

According to the legend, La Popular’s owner Pascuala Esparza had a daughter. His daughter tragically passed away on her wedding day from the bite of a black widow spider.  Some believe that Esparza had his daughter embalmed and that she is now the famous La Pascualita in the shop window.  Of course Esparza has denied such rumors.

Funny thing though ‚Äď if La Pascualita isn‚Äôt Esparza‚Äôs daughter why all the secrecy. ¬†What secrecy you ask? ¬†Well, of all of the employees of the shop there are only two that are allowed to change her clothing and that is only behind a closed door.

Other employees of the shop so that¬†La Pascualita‚Äôs hands are very realistic and some say you can even see wrinkles and varicose veins on her legs. ¬†Other employees say they come into the shop in the early mornings only to see that¬†La Pascualita has changed positions on her own. ¬†And then there are other employees that say¬†La Pascualita ‚Äėwatches‚Äô them during the day.

You be the judge.  What do you think?

Story courtesy of Greg Newkirk with Roadtrippers and Pictures from Pinterest


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