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Snorticles – Way to go Daddy!

   Friends – I want to tell you a story about my daddy.  You know there is a love/hate relationship that goes on between us.  Nothing to fear really.  But sometimes my daddy can be so darn goofy that I have to rat him out.  This is one of those cases – snorts with piggy laughter.

Mom had to go back to the doctors office this morning for a follow up.  At that point, the doctor told her that he wanted to take some blood to do blood work on the situation.  Of course, it helps to know that my mom *hates* needles.  If she doesn’t see it coming, she’s relatively okay.  But, if she sees the situation, it’s not good.

So the nurse comes in to draw the blood while daddy and the doctor watch.  Mom sees the needle – bad move Ms. Nurse.  So mom is flinching and shivering.  Daddy tells her to mom up and suck it up.  Perhaps that should be put on dad’s headstone… “Told mom to suck it up.”  Because you know mom’s head probably turned all the way around at this time to fuss at that daddy of mine.  Who you also have to know is a jokester at heart and didn’t say this to mom to be mean.

Well about that time, the doctor tells the nurse to hold on for a minute.  The doctor then asks daddy when he had blood work done last.  HA!  Way to go Mr. Doctor.  So guess who got blood work drawn before mommy – snorts with piggy laughter.  Way to go daddy in putting your size 10 foot in your mouth.  And yes, mommy might have told daddy to suck it up too.

And of course after daddy’s blood work, the nurse knew better than to show mommy the needle this time.  Afterwards, mom/dad walked out hand and hand with their taped arms.  Oh for those keeping up, that’s dad’s arm with the pretty PINK tape – snorts and oinks my friends.



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