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Happy Birthday My Friend!


Happy birthday my good friend, my brother Easy!!  

I couldn’t let the day go by without wishing you the bestest birthday ever!  You are a great and wonderful pal who brings the world laughter and joy.

May your day today and all days be filled with love and cake…lots of cake – snorts.

Friends – please remember to visit Easy and wish him a wonderful HUGE birthday if you haven’t already!!


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Pay it Forward

Okay Friends – Here We Go!

My sweet friends at Nikitaland have started this monthly issue of Pay It Forward.  We asked for you to keep this in mind all month and to share things here today on what you have been able to do.  Paying it forward is not for bragging purposes – it’s an attempt to show how many different things we can do to pay it forward – lots of them don’t even include money.  Gestures that we take for granted may be a God send to another person.


Mom *always* tries to buy a breakfast for someone during the month at a drive thru.  This month was no different.  She bought breakfast for a nice woman behind her one morning.  She also leaves one of my business cards with a note, “Have a great day and pay it forward.”  

This month also while dining out at a local restaurant, they were taking donations for St. Jude’s Hospital.  Mom/dad both gave some money for that wonderful cause.  While dining out at this restaurant, mom had an old friend that came and met them.  They also picked up the tab for their friend.  

And let’s not forget that a co-worker of mom’s is selling cookies for their son.  Mom bought some for their cause and trust me – she will enjoy the cookies when they come in 🙂  

Mom also filled up a co-worker’s Jelly belly stash on their desk without them knowing 🙂  

And mom was able to finally send out some packages for me to some friends here in blogville.  Two out of the four have received them.  We are still waiting on acknowledgement from two.  Why?  Some had birthdays and we wanted to be part of it and say I love you and some were just because we love you.  You never know here at the Hotel Thompson who is going to receive a package from this oinker 🙂

My buddy Nikitaland made up a good deeds sheet.  You can get it here.  You can print it, hang it on your fridge and just jot some things down that you do during the month.  That way at our next meet up, you can share what you have done to PAY IT FORWARD.

AND if you are interested in getting some Pay it Forward bracelets, check out Nikitaland’s post here for ordering information.  Believe me friends – WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Next meet up will be October 7, 2015 – mark your calendars!


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