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No Sharing – My Mommy!

  Sorry my friends.  This is my mommy – all mine.  No sharing today.  I gotta have my mommy.

Don’t you have days like that?  I couldn’t help it.  The little guy Houdini had to move over.  I *need* my mommy.  This hot heat is getting on my nerves.  I need cooler weather.  I need to be snuggled up on mom’s lap – I’m not that big that I can’t snuggle down… right?

And if I hide my snout, nobody can see me – like those pesky purr things or that little guy Houdini.  Sometimes a pig just needs their mommy.

Hold me.


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Dear Bacon

  Oh my friends.  Every now and then as anipals we get caught with that look.  You know the look of being busted in mid flight – something like being stuck between a rock and hard a place.  You know stuck in the headlights kind of look.  These are all letters this week with that look.  Hope you enjoy.

 Dear Bacon – Help!  I need some solid advice on not getting caught.  I know.  I know.  I can’t help it. My parents went to answer the front door.  I just happened to be sauntering by the kitchen where I smelled something delicious.  I didn’t get busted getting some tasty morsels off the table.  My humans said “this look” is what busted me. What say you?  Can you help me out?  Any tips?  Signed Food Buster

Dear Food Buster – Oh my friend.  I think ALL of us get caught with this look from time to time.  I still say that if the humans didn’t catch you with your paw on the table, how can they incriminate?  I say tell them your stomach rumbled at the time of inquisition.  Yeah, that should work.  No picture – No busted.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it – you should too 🙂


 Dear Bacon – There I was safely in the confines of my home snug deep in the ground.  That’s when I heard the biggest commotion.  Two squirrels were fighting and calling each other names that I have *never* heard of right in the middle of broad daylight.  Can you believe that?  Do you ever hear Journalist Rocky the Squirrel get into these kind of confrontations?  Signed In Awe – P.S.  What is a pesky vermin?

Dear In Awe – I say just back down into your home and ignore these fellows.  Apparently they didn’t listen to their parents about respect and fighting.  And Journalist Rocky the Squirrel has never acted with such behavior.  Nothing comes from his treetop home except sweet whistling.  Ask for pesky vermin – don’t you worry about that.  That is something your little cute self is definitely not.  Take care of you!

 Dear Bacon – There I was pondering on my plant, sunning myself, nibbling here and there and trying to blend in with my environment.  I turned around and there was the neighborhood cat.  Oh my lizards – I almost wet myself before going completely still.  I almost became a MEAL – can you believe that?  Thankfully I was blending in or surely that pesky kitty would have taken me home to their master.  Have you ever had a close call?  Signed Feeling Green

Dear Feeling Green – WOW – that was a close call my friend.  I have had a couple of close with calls some big dogs in the neighborhood.  I’m right there with you that they almost made me make water down my leg too.  One can never be too safe.  Be careful my friend!

Dear Bacon – They should tell you before you jump in the water that it is freezing.  Oh my fleas!  What were they thinking?  Bbrrr – It may not be cold outside but jumping in the water first thing in the morning is highly unlikable for me.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wizzle again – barks!  Signed Shrunken

Dear Shrunken – Snorts and oinks my friends.  Never fear.  The feeling is only momentary.  Daddy does it all of the time… then again that could account for why mom/dad don’t have kids.  Never fear though – snorts.

 Dear Bacon – Really?  You think you have strange humans that go out unattended and get in trouble?  Mine don’t need to go out at all to get in trouble.  I hope they do realize that this means war in making me look like an idiot.  I think I will strategically place this beak somewhere on my master when he sleeps tonight… perhaps even pulling on the elastic for a certain gotcha is called for.  What do you think?  Signed Chick

Dear Chick – Oh My Piggy Heavens!  Shakes oinker head.  Yes my friend.  I agree wholeheartedly that you do need some payback on this choice of ‘fun’ from your humans.  What were they thinking?  And yes, a pop of the elastic should go far.  Maybe even follow that up with a little something-something in one of their shoes.  I’m just sayin’.  Stay safe my friend.


REMEMBER friends.  Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue to send me your pictures and questions via email.


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