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Shopping with Mom/Dad

  Oh my friends.  Last weekend during mom/dad’s shopping marathon of running errands, they did make it to the grocery store.  Now mom, she is a coupon clipping queen and sticks to a budget.  In fact, daddy tells her that she can make Mr. Abraham Lincoln squeal when she is in a grocery store.  And hey with your coupon clipping, there are times that the store literally pays her for getting some things.

With those savings, she told daddy (who has a wickedly large sweet tooth) that he get one item of sweet stuff.  My humans what can I say – they try to eat better where they can.  That means something, right?

Well she asked him what he wanted and he said donuts.  So off they trot after doing the shopping so she can let him know his choices.  That’s when he picks this – Tastykake Red Velvet Mini Donuts.  Yep you read that right.  RED VELVET donuts.  Dad was smitten right there and then on aisle 5 at our grocery store.  Mom thought for a moment that she was going to have to give him a moment.  Rolls piggy eyes.

Well dad got his sacred donuts and finally brought his package out today.  Oh my piggy heavens.  He even gave me one.  Heaven.  There is the best word to describe those sacred little morsels.  He ate a few and then put the package back up.  I call that restrain.  I think I would have eaten the entire bag.  Have you seen these in your local grocery store?  If you do, I give them three hooves up… I would say four hooves but I would tumble over – snorts.


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National Tell a Joke Day

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Keeping my paws on the nuts of the world!


Today, August 16th, is National Tell a Joke Day.  YAY!  Today should be filled with chuckles and laughs all around.  Participate in this laughable day and tell some jokes.  Do it in person, pass it along in a few emails or blog about it.  The more jokes you tell today, the more fun today will be.  Start the laughter and keep it flowing.  In honor of this day, Bacon has decided to tell a few jokes that he has heard.  Get ready to laugh friends.

Joke 1 –

One of my neighbors owns several cats.  On a recent visit, she introduced them to me.  “That’s Astrophe, that’s Erpillar, that’s Aract and that’s Alogue.”

“Where on earth did you get such unusual names?” I asked

“Oh, those are their last names,” she explained.  “Their first names are Cat.”

Joke 2 –

Why are sharks mostly salt water creatures?   –  Because pepper would make them sneeze.


Joke 3 –

Why do seagulls fly over the sea?  – Because if they flew over the bay they’d be bagels.


Joke 4 –

What do you get when you cross a flower and a dog?  – A Collieflower (cauliflower) – snorts


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