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You’ve Got to be Joking, Right?

Oh friends.  It was worse than I thought.  Oh my pigs!  I may need your help and a quick plan B.  You see mom/dad had the “family” meeting Saturday night.  I really thought they were joking.  Really I did.  I even started snorting waiting for the punch line.  Of course mom has to zip up with her wonderful phrases such as, “This will be good for you”; “It’s a growing experience”; “Here’s your chance to shine”.

Yeah right mom.  It doesn’t matter how much you sugar coat it, it sucks.  There I said it.  It sucks.  What sucks you ask?

Mom and dad are sending me to camp.  Outside.  In nature.  With other peeps.  No television.  No air conditioning.  In Nature – did I mention that?  And they expect me to participate in the entire ordeal.  What is up with that?!

Look friends.  I’ve seen enough horror movies on my television.  I know about Jason.  I know about not turning your back to anything.  I’ve seen movies where other campers have tied their friends up to floats and set them out on the lake.  Or put them out in nature covered in honey.  This little oinker is not amused.  This can’t turn out good for me.  This piggy will not start campaigning for I ❤ camp anytime soon.  No way.  There’s no way I can survive this.

What if a UFO comes down and gets me and tries to probe me?   What if they take me to their place and not bring me back?  I can foresee so many potential problems here my friends.  Can you help me out?  Can one of you kidnap me or persuade mom/dad not to send me.



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Bacon’s Tales of Terror

 Welcome my friends to another Bacon’s Tales of Terror on the 13th.  You do know that I search everywhere for just the right story to bring to you.  Something scary.  Something a little strange and macabre.  Something that makes the little hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention.  You know – just for oinks and snorts. 🙂

Well this month is no different.  I came across something that totally freaked out this little oinker.  Then I showed it to mom and she went oohh weird.  Then, I knew it was the perfect story to bring to you – my friends in blogville that like a little bit of the bizarre.  So I hope you enjoy this little tidbit as well we did.  Remember the next time you get up in the middle of the night and hear things that go bump in the night, some times you can’t see things they may be looking at you.  Shivers and good day.


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