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PPSSTT – I Have a Secret

Time to do some partying and dancing my friends.  Me and dad have a secret but you have to keep it to yourself okay.  Are you ready – pinky hoof/paw promise – you can’t tell – especially my mommy that I told you.  July 3rd is mom’s 29th birthday again.  We are throwing her a surprise birthday party here at the Hotel Thompson on July 3rd.  She doesn’t have a clue!


ssshhh – you didn’t hear that from us okay.  I gotta go practice some twerking now for the party 🙂  Where is Fozzie – the twerk team captain?  Snorts!



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Pay it Forward

Okay Friends – Here We Go!

My sweet friends at Nikitaland have started this monthly issue of Pay It Forward.  We asked for you to keep this in mind all month and to share things here today on what you have been able to do.  Paying it forward is not for bragging purposes – it’s an attempt to show how many different things we can do to pay it forward – lots of them don’t even include money.  Gestures that we take for granite may be a God send to another person.


This month there are a couple of things that took place here at the Hotel Thompson.  Of course, mom did her comparison test between Albert and Tank and bought meals for two different peeps in drive thrus.  That’s just her little way of giving.  

Daddy brought the garbage can up for a neighbor.  

Mom sent three random cards to people in her life for no apparent reason except to say that they were loved 🙂  I hope they enjoyed them and it made them smile at least for a few minutes.  

Here’s a funny one.  Mom is in weekly tournaments in two games that she plays.  This week, she didn’t battle to be the winner.  She shared the glory and took the back seat for a change.  This doesn’t sound like a big deal but you gotta know my mom.  She is a HUGE competitor in her weekly challenges – snorts.

And last Friday, mom made a big challenge for herself.  Everyone that she met, she made a compliment to them about something related to them.  Whether they looked nice, had a great laugh, smelled good or did a great job, she told them something to make their day.

 Thanks my friends for reading and supporting the Pay it Forward mission.  What did YOU do this month to make a difference?  Please post on your page and link back so everyone can see that it takes everyone making a small part to do a great dent!  And remember, it’s little things that add up to make someone’s day.  It doesn’t have to cost money or be a huge endeavor.  You can’t begin to realize what a smile can do for someone that really needs it that day.

I challenge you for the month of July to have a compliment day.  Compliment everyone that you meet in something that is special.  Do you accept the challenge?

My buddy Nikitaland made up a good deeds sheet.  You can get it here.  You can print it, hang it on your fridge and just jot some things down that you do during the month.  That way at our next meet up, you can share what you have done to PAY IT FORWARD.

AND if you are interested in getting some Pay it Forward bracelets, check out Nikitaland’s post here for ordering information.  Believe me friends – WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Next meet up will be August 5, 2015 – mark your calendars!


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