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Instant Therapy Kit

 Snorts with piggy laughter!  My mom and dad they are *always* getting into some type of trouble somewhere doing something.  They went to a local bar and grill and picked up these matchsticks.  Mom didn’t think anything of them when she put them on the counter.  I walked over to investigate because it’s what I do.  It was something new in the house and frankly I’ve never seen this thing called matchsticks before.

So I picked the pack up with my mouth and read the package.  Oh my piggy heavens.  Where do my parents go and hang out without me?


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Bacon’s Show and Tell – Mark Your Calendars

My friends – let’s make each other laugh for this next installment of Bacon’s Show and Tell.  For this month, please share with us something that was hilarious that you got as a gift whether it was a present, a card or a note.  What made it funny?  Did the card or note have something comical in it?  Was the present an “inside” joke between you and a friend?  What made you laugh hysterically when you received these items?  Discuss when we meet back here on Friday, June 26, 2015.


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Pay it Forward

Okay Friends – Here We Go!

My sweet friends at Nikitaland have started this monthly issue of Pay It Forward.  We asked for you to keep this in mind all month and to share things here today on what you have been able to do.  Paying it forward is not for bragging purposes – it’s an attempt to show how many different things we can do to pay it forward – lots of them don’t even include money.  Gestures that we take for granite may be a God send to another person.


This month we had a really, REALLY touching Pay it Forward.  Mom went to the local drive thru for breakfast one morning like she normally does.  She always tries to pick someone behind her that she will pay for their breakfast as well.  This month on one trip, there was an older gentleman in the car behind her that she picked.  She left the restaurant and continued to work getting stopped at a red light.  The gentleman followed her and stopped right beside her rolling down his window to get her attention.  He was crying and so very grateful for mom paying for his breakfast.  It made his day that much.  Such a little gesture of kindness made this man’s day so much he was crying!  Of course, that started mommy crying too.  

You *never* know what a simple act of kindness means to someone in need.  My mommy says that there has been times in the past where she has been totally down and depressed thinking that not a person in the world cared.  All it would have taken was one act of kindness to make the world to her – a breakfast, opening the door for someone, saying hello, a phone call, a card or just a hug.  Little things can mean so much without any forms of money.  We must remember this for next month’s posting my friends! 🙂 

 Thanks my friends for reading and supporting the Pay it Forward mission.  What did YOU do this month to make a difference?  Please post on your page and link back so everyone can see that it takes everyone making a small part to do a great dent!

My buddy Nikitaland made up a good deeds sheet.  You can get it here.  You can print it, hang it on your fridge and just jot some things down that you do during the month.  That way at our next meet up, you can share what you have done to PAY IT FORWARD.

AND if you are interested in getting some Pay it Forward bracelets, check out Nikitaland’s post here for ordering information.  Believe me friends – WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Next meet up will be July 1, 2015 – mark your calendars!


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