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Mission: Gold Fish Incognito

Dear Humans of the Hotel Thompson –

Your pig needs help.  Yeah, that’s it.  Your pig needs help.  May us Gold Fish suggest GFA (Gold Fish Anonymous).  They have a quick 3 step program for peeps addicted to us crackers.  Really, we have feelings too.  We are just swimming here in our world when all of a sudden we are plucked from our families to enter your belly.  May we also suggest popcorn, nuts or maybe potato chips if you are not watching your waist lines.  They are way more tasty than us cheese flavored morsels of fish that you tend to eat by the handfuls.  We are just trying to help out.  Perhaps you can try the Gold Fish Challenge – yeah that sounds awesome.  Put all of us in a gold fish bowl and see how long you can resist us – I betcha you can go a long time my oinker pal.  Really, I have that much faith in you.

Signed, Gold Fish with a Cause 🙂


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Subliminal Messaging

Hello my friends.  I have a question for you on this early Monday morning of the first of June.  Have you ever loved a certain food that you just couldn’t get enough of it?  I mean, like you dreamed of it and wanted to jump in butt naked and eat your way out… oh wait a minute.  Not that I would ever do that but you get the drift, right?  

Well, I might and I stress might feel that way about a certain food called Gold Fish.  They are little crackers shaped like little goldfish.  Cute huh? Well I can’t get enough of them.  They are so tasty.  I like the way they crunch in my mouth.  AND they come in different colors and flavors.  My favorite one at this time is cheese.

Whenever mom is not looking, I always write them down on her grocery list.  I know.  That’s so sweet of me, isn’t it?  That just shows you exactly how much talent this little oinker has. Speaking of talents.  I have a lot more talents than what you think.  For instance, I left this message in the kitchen for mom this morning.  I knew it would be the first thing she saw when she got up this morning.  Perhaps maybe she will get the drift that someone likes Gold Fish?  You think?


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