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Shout Out!!

Piggy Squeals!  Yesterday the mailman came to the door of the Hotel Thompson.  He said he had a package for me and he had to see me… of course he knows me and finds an excuse to see me when I have a package.  I came flying to the front door where he petted me and gave my box to my daddy.  Daddy said I had to wait until mommy got home to open it.  

I thought mom would never get home but finally she did from the worky place.  She let me and dad open the package.  Squeals!!  Score for all of us here.  Do you see all of these delicious delights that we got?  Are you wondering from who and where the box came from?  Can you guess by looking at the picture?  

It came from my buddies Samuel and Wallace in Johannesburg, South Africa!  Aren’t they the coolest?!  They sent a little cork board in the shape of South Africa – you can see it on the upper left hand side of the picture.  Mom put all of the chocolate in the fridge to harden back up.  The pupcorn – OMP! – me and my brother Houdini had some of that.  It is DELICIOUS!  

Thank you my buddies.  I really, REALLY appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Ya’ll were so sweet to think about us here at the Hotel Thompson.  THANK YOU! 


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Mommy’s Food Blog Reminder

Friends – If you get a chance, you *must* check out mom’s food blog here.  You will NOT be disappointed.  Those pictures of hers just make me want to lick the computer screen.  YUM-YUM!  Don’t forget to let her know what you think.  ❤

I’ll give you a clue to mom’s food blog today – what’s square and hot and yum?


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Pet Peeve Day

Come along my friends – It’s Pet Peeve Day!  Squeals.

Now is the time to get those icky pet peeves off of your chest.  We all have them.  Most of them just tuck them away, shake them off if you will.  Today though to help out with the rising stress levels, go ahead and rant.  I will listen.  I’m all ears… it might look like I’m sleeping here but I listened to mom rant this morning.  I’m a good listener.  What’s bugging you today?

I’ll even let mom go first here –

Dear Fast Food Restaurant – I get it.  Morning times in the drive thru are hectic.  And perhaps this is my fault alone because I didn’t check my items before I left… then again shouldn’t it be correct so I don’t have to check the bag?  For instance, when I ordered a hot sausage biscuit and a Dr Pepper this week in your drive thru I expected to have a sausage biscuit and a nice zappy Dr. Pepper when I got to work 15 minutes later.  Hence my disappointment when I went to take a satisfying sip of my Dr Pepper expecting a WOW and instead of got yuck… the carbonation was out of the drink.  I shook my head to the left and the right while pouring the undrinkable yucky drink down the drain while my taste buds were screaming for a Dr Pepper – the zip of the sting as you swallow is almost a holy thing.  So maybe this happens from time to time.  The fountain drinks do go out and have to be changed.  I thought okay at least I have my sausage biscuit and my taste buds revitalized did a happy dance.  I went back to my desk anticipating the sausage biscuit … only to find a biscuit with an all white egg – absolutely no meat to be found.  Slams head on desk.  Why drive thru Gods are you against me this day?


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Motorcycle for Sale

 OMP!  I have laughed and laughed and laughed after reading this.  This so sounds like something my daddy would have done – snorts.  Don’t you think?  The poor guy.  Too funny!


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