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Renovation Reveal Party!


Welcome to the Renovation Reveal Party for the Hotel Thompson or as my cousin called it the Casa Thompson!  My buddy Fozzie is going to co-host this party.  To get things started, please enjoy some wine, soda and some snacks.  Then sit back for the reveal and let us know what you think.  If you have questions, ask.  Mingle and have fun my dear friends!!

The following food was brought by Kali and Shoko of Canadian Cats.  Everyone be sure to try some of these Canadian delicacies.  I’m licking my lips now and fixing to jump in – YUMMO!

Poutine – French fries with gravy and cheese – how could you go wrong with this?  Beaver Tails – Now Beatrice and Billy were not harmed in the making of this sweet treat – 🙂  Beaver Tails are pastries shaped like beaver tails with chocolate and banana or chocolate and M&M’s.  Personally this little porker NEEDS one with banana and chocolate.  Nanaimo Bars – These are named after a city in Vancouver Island.  They have three layers of deliciousness – coconut, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate and custard.







Okay my friends – do you remember the ‘before’ pictures?  Let me remind you what they looked like okay.

IMG_2395 IMG_2397

 The front room was a cluttered mess as well as the kitchen area.  It was definitely time to ‘grow up’ and get a new look.  Below are now the ‘after’ pictures.

The entry way into the Casa Thompson.  The new sofa.  The new chaise – ❤





The overall front room view from the hallway.  The new kitchen island.  The new cedar flooring in the bathroom.


   Thanks to my friend Jean with Canadian Cats (Shoko and Kali) for the beautiful virtual potted plant for the new Casa Thompson.  It’s beautiful!  And thank you my friends for bringing food to the party – I’m still licking my lips!  And many thanks for the long phone calls, listening to me whine while drinking my wine 🙂

Thanks to my brother Easy and his mom for listening to my mom’s troubled woes during the ordeal – snorts – there were a LOT.  Your emails kept her sane… well okay as sane as she could be.

Thanks for my great co-host and partner in crime Fozzie.  You mean the world to us my sweet dear friend.  The phone calls, the emails, the rants and raves.

   Much love to all of YOU and to those that listened to the endless ramblings here in blogville about the renovation.  We were so glad that we could share everything with all of you my dear friends!!


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Pay it Forward

Okay Friends – Here We Go!

My sweet friends at Nikitaland have started this monthly issue of Pay It Forward.  We asked for you to keep this in mind all month and to share things here today on what you have been able to do.  Paying it forward is not for bragging purposes – it’s an attempt to show how many different things we can do to pay it forward – lots of them don’t even include money.  Gestures that we take for granite may be a God send to another person.


April was a busy month for my mommy.  There was the renovation going on here at the Hotel Thompson and that kept her and dad busy a lot of the time.  But still, mom and dad did find time to do some special things for the month that I’m going to share with you.

Mom always makes it a point to buy someone’s breakfast at a local drive thru in the morning.  This month, she picked a random person behind her at the Chick-Fil-A restaurant close to our house.  She always leaves them one of my business cards to say “Have a good day – remember to pay it forward”.  Sometimes, she gets a thank you email and sometimes she doesn’t.  This month, she didn’t 🙂 But I’m sure the person appreciated breakfast on us.

Mom and dad go to our local Cracker Barrel a lot of times for dinner.  I personally think it’s because they like to order off the kid’s menu – snorts.  Imagine that.  Two adults eating off the kids selection.  Hilarious I’m telling you.  So one night mom and dad went and the parking lot was packed.  So much so that two women weren’t really looking and almost walked out in front of mom’s Smart car Albert.  Now mom beeped the horn and both women stopped, turned around and then started laughing.  This small little car almost rammed them down.  So funny.  But mom/dad when they got into the restaurant, saw these two women sitting at a table.  Mom went over and said that she wasn’t trying to mow them down and hoped they were okay.  Of course they were… but one said she might have pulled something from laughing so hard at Albert – snorts.  Mom sent them over a dessert on her – you know – just in case she needed some chocolate medicine to help with the healing. 🙂

Mom and dad also did some major giving in the forms of donations to Goodwill and the Salvation Army.  During their renovation, they got rid of the huge butcher block kitchen table, all of the kitchen chairs, the entertainment center, the hutch and matching butcher block china cabinet, the sofa and the love seat.  Not to mention little odds and ends like shoes, clothes, a bunch of lighthouse items, over 200 VHS tapes and over 100 Playstation games.  It was a HUGE cleaning out that all went to great causes for sure.

So that’s it for mom/dad this month.


Thanks my friends for reading and supporting the Pay it Forward mission.  What did YOU do this month to make a difference?  Please post on your page and link back so everyone can see that it takes everyone making a small part to do a great dent!

My buddy Nikitaland made up a good deeds sheet.  You can get it here.  You can print it, hang it on your fridge and just jot some things down that you do during the month.  That way at our next meet up, you can share what you have done to PAY IT FORWARD.

AND if you are interested in getting some Pay it Forward bracelets, check out Nikitaland’s post here for ordering information.  Believe me friends – WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Next meet up will be June 3, 2015 – mark your calendars!


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