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Shopping Around the World – Mark Your Calendars

Me and my pal Fozzie started Shopping Around the World in April 2014.  This has become a huge hit and we all want to know if we are paying more or less than everyone else – snorts.

We are going to do it again this month on – Friday, March 27th.

Do a posting on your blog linked back to mine.  That way we can keep track of all of the different prices.  It should be interesting to see the differences between.  Mark your calendar so you can do a posting with us.

List what is your favorite of the items we are pricing.  

Items to price this month:

  • Milk.  It seems like milk has sky rocketed lately.  Have you noticed this?  Post what size/product and price you buy.
  • Tomatoes.  A lot of us are not as fortunate to have a garden out back these days.  What are the prices of tomatoes in your area/what kind do you buy?
  • Canned Product.  This could be anything that you use.  What is it and the price.
  • Homemade Dish.  Okay this is a twist my friends.  A lot of us prepare homemade meals on Sunday – especially here in the South.  Tell us what it costs.  What do you prepare?  It could be as simple as a potluck to a lasagna.  Tell us all about it.
  • Random Item of your choice.

NOTE:  Canned product and random item choice can be put together in your homemade dish.  Just tell us all about it – description and prices.  Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with in their choices.

Hope too see you here on March 27th!


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Paw Time with Houdini

Holler my friends!  We are all getting psyched here in preparation for St Patrick’s Day.  I’m practicing my River Dance in honor of Ireland. I shall now be known as Houdini Yorkie of the Dance – barks!  Can you see me now hitting Broadway?  You would buy a ticket….right?

This week has been interesting here at the Hotel Thompson.  I learned a new word.  Boundaries.  For me?  I thought mom and dad were mistaken at first.  I have rules and boundaries?  Cute little me?  Surely they had to be joking.  You see, someone – looks innocent – went into their bedroom and chewed mom’s charger for her i-Phone.  It couldn’t have been me – no way!  I’m blaming the purr thing Hemi.  Yeah, he did it.  Something this cute could not have possibly done something like that.  But I think I got busted.

Mom took me to the big bed one night with her and went to plug her phone in to charge next to her bed.  The cord was missing in action.  Personally, I think it ran away.  Then she did the wildest thing.  She looked right at me and said, “Houdini you know anything about this?”  Barks!  I couldn’t look her in the eye.  Then she said, “You do, don’t you?”  Then she got on the floor and was looking under the bed.  She found the cord bitten through.  She then said, “Houdini, do I need to have this analyzed for your saliva and matched to your dental records?”  Darn that ID channel and her line of work.  Busted.

So that’s when I learned the new word boundaries.  No more freedom in the parents bedroom.  Have you ever done anything and got busted for it?  At least mom didn’t put me in dad’s doghouse – Barks and rolls with laughter.


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Bacon’s Tales of Terror

Welcome my friends to my monthly Bacon’s Tales of Terror.  Not only is it the thirteen this month, it’s Friday the 13th.  Does that make it scarier for you?  Are you afraid of Friday the 13th?  You might want to buckle up your seat belt my friends.  Today’s Bacon’s Tales of Terror is coming straight from the Hotel Thompson.  A true story that will make you second guess what you are looking at in your own home.  A story that might make you shake and shiver… and run to your mother.

You see when mom and dad first got married they had two purr things, Hemi and Tybee.  They were brothers from the same mother and one would never think so.  Hemi is a Hemingway, you know a polydactyl purr thing, and he is orange and white.  Tybee was grey – long haired and definitely mom’s purr thing. Tybee passed away in 2009 from feline leukemia.  It was totally unexpected as he had been tested twice for the disease.

Well the other morning, I was calling for mommy to wake up for work and to feed me.  She gets up, feels and sees Hemi between her and dad in the bed.  She also feels Mouse Girl (our other purr thing) at the bottom of the bed near her feet.  Gets up and walks around the bed seeing Mouse Girl and then walks out of the bedroom shutting the door.  She opens my bedroom door and we proceed to the front room where she turns on lights.  Once she turns on lights, she sees Mouse Girl lying on the couch fast asleep.

Now this fully wakes her up.  How can Mouse Girl be asleep on the couch when she saw and felt her asleep on her feet?  This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.  Mom and dad both have felt a purr thing rubbing against their legs… like Tybee used to do.  Mouse Girl and Hemi don’t do that.  And once, mom took a picture in the bedroom of the bed and there was an outline of a purr thing in the picture on her side which was not on the bed.

Do you believe in anipal ghosts?  Have you ever experienced an anipal coming back to visit with you?


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