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Houdini’s First Overnight Trip


Last night, Houdini got to spend overnight with Nana – all.night.long.  Wasn’t he a lucky poochie?  He’s been up at Nana’s for the day but never overnight until last night.  AND if you think that we are spoiled here at the Hotel Thompson, you should check this picture out of Hotel Nana – OMP!  Do you see that?!  Hoo-Hoo is drinking out of Nana’s cup.

Other than that one solitary picture – nothing more.  Something about what happens at Nana’s stays at Nana’s.  Although she did let it slip to mom this morning that Hoo-Hoo slept with her in her bed all night long.  Snorts…. just wait until it’s my turn again to go to Nana’s for sleepover 🙂 ❤


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Tails of the Weekend


 Hey my friends – Happy Monday.  I hope everyone had a long and restful weekend.  I know we all did here at the Hotel Thompson.  This is me on the sofa with mommy doing what I do best.  And yes that is my *special* Egyptian cotton sheet with us.  I dragged it up on the sofa for a me and mom to wrap around us.

We stayed like this for almost half of the day 🙂  Great times for me.  The only times we both got up were for potty breaks and food/drink breaks.  Other than that – mommy was all mine ❤ I really appreciated that and it doesn’t happen too often these days.  Not that both of us don’t want to.  It’s just that this cold weather has me hibernating, wanting to sleep and be by myself.  I tend to do this in the winter – but come Spring watch out.  I will be running up a storm up and down the halls and in the backyard.


  When I wasn’t on mom, this little guy Houdini was.  Notice his new toy in his mouth.  I do believe he thinks it’s a real cupcake.  But never fear.  He found out soon enough.  He tried to eat the cherry on the top.  My brother Easy would be proud of him.  He got this cupcake toy and destroyed it in a matter of hours.  Way to go Little Man Houdini!  A cupcake today – what holds for tomorrow?

I have to admit that his teething has somewhat calmed down.  He doesn’t seem to be chewing everything – including my tail – much more these days – snorts.  But he is smart. He figured out how to get through the kitchen gate.  So mom/dad are bringing in back up to fix the problem this week.  Way to go little guy!

So here’s to a great week my friends<3


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