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Second Clue on Mom/Dad’s Trip

IMG_1701Snorts – remember last week my friends.  Mom/dad’s first clue as to where they were going in February to meet one of MY friends was banjo music.  I even saw this funny on line and had to share.  For some reason, they think hearing banjo music where they are going is hilarious as all get out.  Daddy even got out his own banjo and was playing for us one night.  It was hilarious!

Mom and dad told me that I could give out another clue for you.  Now, here we go.  They are:

  1. Meeting one of MY friends.
  2. Banjo music plays a lot to the history at the destination.
  3. You will be surprised as to who they are meeting.
  4. The time zone is different where they are going.
  5. Some say it’s more southern than where we live now.

There you go my friends.  More cues as to where mom/dad are going to meet one of MY friends.  Does this help you in any way?  And to the person who keeps emailing me and asking… you know who you are… snorts.  I can’t tell you yet.  Although I have to say you are persistent and your emails are keeping us laughing here at the Hotel Thompson 🙂


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Paw Time with Houdini

Hello my friends.  Thank you for coming back for this weeks issue of Paw Time with Houdini.  This week I want to talk about Yorkie rules.  What?  You didn’t know that *we* had rules.  Of course we do.  They are pretty simple.  Just follow this basic advice, “Everything’s mine.”  There you go.  That could end this week’s edition – barks!

You see since I’m the last one to be adopted here at the Hotel Thompson, there are a LOT of toys already here.  Toys that the purr things and Bacon either (A) don’t play with anymore or (B) have forgotten about.  Take for instance the purr thing tunnel.  When mom and dad first bought it and daddy wasn’t playing with it – barks – the purr things played with it constantly.  They would run in and out of it and roll around it surprising each other.  Well they forget about it.  I found it.  And do you know what?  That tunnel is perfect size for this little pooch.  I run through it.  I hide in it waiting for feet, purr things or the pig to pass by and then jump out and bark.  I pull it around with my teeth.  But you see since *I’ve* been playing with it, now the purr things want it back.  Nope.  It’s mine.  Yorkie rules.

And Bacon sweet Bacon.  He loves his king size Egyptian cotton sheet.  I know – we ALL know it’s his. He’s hardly ever without it…. king of like that dude on Charlie Brown – barks!   But one day… barks and grins… it will be mine too.  Yorkie Rules.


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