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Christmas Card


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Saturday Morning Horror!

Oh my – what a scary nightmare. XOXO – Bacon

The Dante Diaries

BaconHere in the blog world I have lots and lots of friends…two-legged and four-legged. One of my four-legged friends is a great Little Guy named Bacon…he has this terrific blog called PigLove – Adventures of Bacon and Friends. Bacon is a minature Pot Belled pig with a little puppy brother named Houdini…they are such good friends of mine.  So just imagine my shock…just imagine the horror when I saw what SHE brought home from the store:

Bacon Jerky

I immediately ran to HER computer and checked on my friend Bacon…this just couldn’t be!

Saturday morning horror

SHE heard the distress in my howl and started laughing…SHE understood my concern. We visited Bacon‘s blog and he was alive and well and posting funny funny stuff on his site…that was pretty scary!! Hey Bacon…are they paying you royalties to use your name? BOL…Bark Bark Bark!



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My Christmas List

hhhmm – what do *I* want for Christmas?  I’ve thought hard about this for a couple of weeks now.  I even got together with Houdini, Hemi and Mouse Girl to discuss what we want for Christmas.  We did come up with a couple of things.  You know like the regular stuff – treats and nom-noms.  Maybe a new bed for Princess Mouse Girl – something only for her and off limits to us guys.  Houdini says he has plenty of toys so he’s good but would love a giant meaty bone bigger than he is – that shouldn’t be hard to accommodate – snorts.  And Hemi wants an electric car that he can drive around the Hotel Thompson – watch out for your toes my humans.  I would like a full size bed.  I think I’m outgrowing my toddler bed.  Not that *I’m* getting that big.  It’s just that when we all camp out in my room to watch television and go to sleep, my bed is getting smaller with all four of us.

And Santa I would like to have mommy in good health.  She’s undergoing a procedure today – this morning actually.  Your thoughts and prayers are welcomed and needed.  Nothing major – but she will have a couple of stitches and she will be home all this week.  I like that part of her being home all week.  I just wished she felt a little bit better.  But don’t worry.  We will all take turns keeping her company and helping her around the Hotel Thompson.  But hey we could use your help with that too if you want to drop her an email at my email or here on this post.  I’m sure she would really appreciate those when she gets home later today.

And dad – I can’t forget dad.  Oh no.  Santa I need to ask for something that daddy just absolutely loves.  Lego’s.  Yep I said it.  For some reason daddy just LOVES stepping on Lego’s.  He gets so creative and his language skills greatly improve as well as his dance steps.  It really makes my day and we just laugh.  He tells me ALL of the time that he’s glad that he’s here for my entertainment.  So there you go Santa – I wish Lego’s for daddy.  The more the merrier because he loves them so very much.  See I can be nice my friends.

And me and the rest of us here at Hotel Thompson thought of you my friends here in blogville.  We came up with a special video that we would like to dedicate to YOU for the holidays.  ❤  And let me add that this girl is AMAZING!  Her name is Rhema Marvanne and she is 7 years old.  Winks 🙂


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