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False Confession Day

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Today is a great day my friends.  Today I bring you “False Confession Day”.  Today, we encourage false confessions of any kind.  It should be fun to see how many things we can falsely confess to.  I got Bacon and his mom to play the game today.  They are both going to tell you three things each.  One of the three statements is true with the other two being false.  Can you pick them out correctly?  Be sure to share on your blog and make some false confessions of your own 🙂

BACON’s Statements

  1. I love kumquats.
  2.  have bitten Hemi (one of the purr things here at the Hotel Thompson).
  3. I know how to work my remote control for my television.

Bacon’s MOM’s Statements

  1. Mom knows how to shoot a gun and she’s pretty good at it.
  2. Mom drives a Hummer.
  3. Mom has no sense of humor.

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Bacon’s Show and Tell

We are back for the next Bacon’s Show and Tell my friends!  

For Bacon’s Show and Tell for November we are focusing on another toy from your childhood.  Something that was one of your favorites that you just absolutely loved.  Share a picture and a story about it.  I’m going to let my mom post about this today – take it away mom.

“Thanks Bacon my boy.  One of my favorite toys growing up was something that was fun, exciting and full of exercise.  We had a pretty big back yard growing up, full of trees and green grass.  One year for Christmas, me and one of my brothers got bicycles.  The all American toy of adventure.  I must have been around eight and up until that point I had never been on one.  Christmas afternoon we convinced our parents to let us go into the backyard to ride them.  Of course, it was winter time but winter time in Georgia is not that bad – most of the time.  This day, it was cold but not uncomfortable.  

So out we went.  I imagined I would jump on my chariot of freedom and ride around like there was no tomorrow – or at least that was the plan.  I jumped on, pedaled at full force and went down a little indention in the back yard.  That’s when it hit me full force.  How the heck do you stop this thing?!  I started screaming about the time I ran straight into a tree at full force.  What the heck.  This thing was suppose to be fun – nothing was ever said about crashing.  So that’s when I was told about breaks and how to stop.  I stood up, shook myself off like the tomboy I was, jumped on and my adventure started all over again… this time with the knowledge of breaks 🙂 “





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