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Bacon’s Show and Tell – MARK YOUR CALENDARS

We are back for the next Bacon’s Show and Tell my friends!  

For Bacon’s Show and Tell for November we are going to focus on another toy from your childhood.  Something that was one of your favorites that you just absolutely loved.  Share a picture and a story about it. 

Mark your calendars for Friday, November 21, 2014 to join Bacon’s Show and Tell.  See you here!



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Houdini Update

IMG_0184.JPGI admit the little guy Houdini can be a lot of fun.. especially when daddy is not eating all of his treats – snorts.  I’m happy to report that he is a whopping 5.5 pounds now.  He’s a little handful.  We are still working on putting us together.  Mom can’t work the camera and watch Houdini and me at the same time.  She’s afraid he might jump me still.  So it’s still careful monitoring.

The little guy climbed up on the couch with mom last night.  He was so tired!  And who wouldn’t be with him using me as a personal trampoline, running through the Hotel Thompson and playing fetch repeatedly.  Which might I add he has *almost* down.  He knows how to ‘fetch’ the ball and bring it back.  It’s the releasing the ball from the little jaws of life so we can throw it again part he needs practice on.  Too funny – shakes my piggy head.

So here he is on top of mommy looking all sleepy and cute.  I can say cute – I’m comfortable in my own cuteness. 🙂


   Then all of a sudden, we have puppy down!  His little head just started going to the left and BOOM he was out in puppy land.  I wonder what he was dreaming of… daddy staying out of his treats?  Chasing a big ball?  Using me more as a trampoline?

He does look awfully content here in this picture though doesn’t he?  What do you think he is dreaming about?  Do share.







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