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ASPCA Rachael Ray Giveaway

AAWW – A while back I won a giveaway on my friend Coco’s web page.  You can read all about it here. We found out while we were on vacation at the beach a couple of weeks ago.  We were totally psyched!  Me win – HOORAY!  This could not have happened at a perfect time – you know since we got the little guy Houdini here at the Hotel Thompson.


Yesterday around noon, there was a knock on the door and it was the Federal Express guy.  Now I’m just going to say that he might have jumped a little at first when I came to the door with daddy – snorts.  He wasn’t expecting me but I sure was expecting my package made out to me might I add – 🙂

And of course daddy was being a loser but not letting me open my package until mommy got home – turd head.  But he did let me call mommy to tell her that it came.  I’m not sure who was more excited – me, mommy or Houdini who didn’t know what was happening.


So as soon as mom got home, we let her put her things down before we started on about opening the package.  It was Christmas here at the Hotel Thompson!  A toy dog, a blankie, a bandana, a pop up water bowl, a travel mug, cookies (the kind that daddy can actually eat – snorts), a frisbee toy and a hat with cat ears.  OMP – score for Little Man Houdini!!





And mom – oh my silly mom.  She loves the hat with cat ears.  Don’t you think it is so her!?

And the tote that everything came in – that is awesome!  It’s HUGE and insulated.  Mom said there are so many things she can use that with.

So we have to say some shout outs and thank you’s to the following:

Katie and Cocco – Smooches! ❤


Rachael Ray

Ya’ll ROCK!


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Daddy and Houdini’s Treats


Sometimes I wonder if my dad was dropped on his too many times as a small human.  Really I do.  As always, I’m getting ahead of myself.  I will explain the situation that happened here at the Hotel Thompson and then I will let YOU be the judge of my dad’s craziness.  Sound fair?

Over the weekend, mom/dad went to Petsmart for the little guy here Houdini.  He needed some treats and plus they wanted to look at any clothes that were marked down after Halloween – score to both 🙂

So mom sees these treats that are put out by Kong.  They are peanut butter filled pretzels.  They look amazing so she bought Houdini a bag.  Fast forward that they finally get back home to the Hotel Thompson and mom opens the bag.  They smell delicious – almost like real human treats.  Amazing huh?  So she shares this news with daddy.

What happens next is where the ‘dad was dropped on his head too much as a small human’ part comes to play.  You watch the video and see what YOU think. I’m going to my room to get the number to mental health.  I think someone in this family needs a vacation – snorts.


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