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31 Days of Spook – Another Halloween Decoration Idea

IMG_9873.PNGOkay my friends – here is another wonderful spooky idea for your walkway on Halloween.  It looks easy and safe – did I mention easy?

I think my mom can even do this.

So get out those milk jugs and sharpies.  I want to see your projects!


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Down Under the Plum Tree

My friends – you must check out what Bashful is up to and what he is getting to do that a certain little oinker – not mentioning names cough, snort, squeal – is not. XOXO – Bacon


IMG_0887Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Mummy and daddy have been very busy over the last couple of days.  The weather has been fine and warm and they have been getting the swimming pool ready for the summer.  Me and Nellie do not like water and think that it is aberrant against nature.

IMG_0892Meanwhile, Bashful has been out and about in the garden.  Here he is up in one of the plum trees.  How he got there is a mystery, but nothing is beyond the capabilities of this stone.

IMG_0908Bashful amongst the grass.

IMG_0896Bashful at the pool.

IMG_0904Amongst the white For-get-Me-Knot

IMG_0903IMG_0906Under the Hosta.

Mummy says she has to watch this stone as much as she has to keep as eye on Me and Nellie.

Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest doggy woggys in all the land.

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31 Days of Spook – Story Submission

Oh squeal – friends today is a great story submission.  Today’s story is sent in anonymously to be shared with you.  Perhaps it will make you think twice about doing a double take.  You don’t get the meaning of that?  Well then – please enjoy the story my friends.

“A strange thing happened this past Sunday.  I was in church before the service, doing those busy things I normally do.  I walked through the church during the the gathering congregation and saw an older woman, a friend, sitting beside someone I didn’t recognize.  I took note of it primarily because she wasn’t sitting in the pew where she usually sat, but thought nothing more.  I was quite focused on my duties and paid no more attention to it.

When the service finally started, I suddenly realized that the old woman I had seen had passed away earlier this year.  I looked immediately to the pew where I had seen her, and she, nor the person I had seen her sitting by that I didn’t recognize, were not there.

I’m still trying to process this.  It was real.  It was weird.  It is comforting (I think).”


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