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Reminder – Today is the Last Day of the Month

You do know what that means my friends.  Today is the last day of the month so tomorrow starts October.  You remember what happens in October.  October starts my 31 Days of Spook – YAY!  This is my 2nd year of presenting all the bumps and boo’s that happen in the middle of the night – and sometimes during the day!

Each day in October, I will personally highlight scary movies, television shows, legends, monsters and other things that will scare and enlighten you.  I might even quiz you on some items so be prepared.  Start brushing up on your trivia.  I hope it will be fun for everyone.

NOTE:  With October being my 31 Days of Spook, I will not be posting Dear Bacon issues on Tuesday, (please keep your pictures and questions coming though), Shopping Around the World or Bacon’s Show and Tell.   These will pick back up in November 2014.  October is a special month here at the Hotel Thompson for 31 Days of Spook.  We do hope you enjoy our blog during this haunting time of the month.

Oh and friends –

Please visit my buddy Speedy when you get a chance.  He’s been feeling a little under the weather lately.  Visit him and give him so well wishes if you get a chance.  Get well my buddy, my friend Speedy!


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We have a Guest

OMP! He is going to have the best time there visiting with ya’ll! Can’t wait to hear of his adventures. XOXO – Bacon



Bashfull having a rest after his long journey. Bashful having a rest after his long journey.

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Me and Nellie are very pleased to let you all know out there in Blogland that We have a special guest, all the way from the U S of A. Can you guess who it might be? Why it is none other than the world-famous rolling stone: Bashful. Me and Nellie are very excited to welcome him to the sunny Mangamahu valley, the Wanganui region and to New Zealand. We hope he is going to enjoy himself and participate in some good old kiwi culture.  Thanks to Bacon Thompson and his family for letting Bashful come and visit Us.

Me and Bashful. Me and Bashful.

Love Jasper and Nellie,  the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

Two blondes sunbathing on the deck. Two blondes sunbathing on the deck.

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Bacon’s Show and Tell

Today for Bacon’s Show and Tell we are highlighting a special treat you got while growing up.  This is great!

When mom was little many, many, many, many moons ago – snorts, her parents would always give her Necco candy wafers.  Necco’s are thin little wafers that came in all kinds of flavors.  Mom’s favorite was the assortment followed closely by chocolate – yummy!  Mom’s mom and dad would buy these as a special treat.  They were tiny, came in a roll and were pretty cheap considering.  It was the perfect sugary treat.

To this day, if mom and dad are out and about and see them, daddy continues the tradition and buys mom a roll – ❤ sweet huh?

They started making Necco wafers in 1847 – of course that was WAY beyond mom’s time… I think – snorts.  According to the Necco web page, today they make over 630 million Necco wafers a year!  That’s enough placed edge to edge would go around the world twice.  Isn’t that amazing!?

Have you ever had one of these?  If you ever see them in the store, we highly recommend them.  I myself have tried them and find them delicious – and crunchy!



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Dear Easy – Special Edition

September we have been highlighting some of my friends who volunteered to help me out with my Dear Bacon issue. Today’s last special edition is by my brother Easy.  If you don’t know Easy, you *must* go visit him and check him out.  Tell them that Bacon sent you.  Now, on to some great advice to help out our fellow anipals.



 IMG_9425.JPGDear Easy,
Last night was great. My human dropped a pill on the floor. The next thing she knew, I ate it. I’m not sure what it was but I want more. I was so happy. So giggly. So alive! What do you think it was? Signed Feeling No Pain

Dear Feeling No Pain,
I bet it was a blue pill with a rhombic shape… they are the pills that lift anything up… really anything and anybody…. Those kind of pills you can buy when you check your spam folder. No worries that you could be fooled by a hoax, the offers start always with “Dear Friend…” and friends never fool you, right?


Dear Easy,
I think we may be related. Can’t you see the resemblance? The eyes? The nose? Maybe the good looks? I think we may even be twins separated at birth. What do you think? Signed Mirror Image

Dear Mirror Image,
It seems you are really my twin… what’s sad, because I’m sick of my singleness… butt maybe that’s just the first impression and there is a chance that we are related butt not by blood? I can see some differences on your right ear and on your nose, what’s missing the scratch I wear . Please check your pedigree and call me immediately!


Dear Easy,
I’m so pretty. I’m so fun. I’m so exciting on the farm. My human knitted my outfit for me and I love it! Don’t you? What size are you? I can get you one too so we can both have fun, fun, FUN! Signed Pretty in Pink

Dear Pretty in Pink,
Thanks that I have the chance to meet you. You must be the longlost twin of my mom. She wore exactly the same outfit like you, as they brought her home from hospital or wherever they found her.. Do you remember her? She just has no horn, butt probably hers grows inwards… Oh and btw: I’m a size XS…that means xtremely sloshed :o)



Dear Easy,
They see me rolling and they’re hating. My pops bought me this get up and I highly recommend it. You want to know why? Because it attracts the ladies. What do you wear to attract the ladies? Signed Ladies Pup

Dear Ladies Pup,
You have a very wise Pops. He knows that all girls have a shoe-obsession and that a butt is a good butt in the perfect jeans. Oh and to wear sunglasses your way has something of James Dean, I agree. Girls love rebells, so they will open you their heart and their treat packs. I have to admit that I’m a professed nudist, but maybe that’s the reason that I’m still single?



Dear Easy,
I got busted. Here’s the proof – thanks to my humans. During the day while they were at work, I got into the garbage can. I thought I was safe until this contraption got stuck on my head. Dude I couldn’t get it off. Any tips for my future escapades? Signed Lid of Shame

Dear Lid of Shame,
Your humans need a garbage can with an automatic lid, called Dive In in carnivore circles. That’s an essential equipment if they share their crib with a dog. Oh and I would remove that thingy before they come home… in worst case, next time they would save the money for a cone and try it with the lid of the treashure can…


Thank you to all of my guests that helped me host my special editions for September.  Remember my friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without *you*.  Please continue to send your letters and questions to me here at the Hotel Thompson at


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