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Houdini Update


Okay my friends – can you say FIELD TRIP?  I spoke to daddy over the weekend and told him that we needed to go on a field trip for the little guy and buy him some of his very own toys.  Not that I mind sharing – I don’t.  But I want him to have some things that are just his own.  You can relate, right?

So me and dad went to our local Petsmart and I helped him pick out some cherished toys for the tyke.  I took a picture to share and it’s to the left.  Look familiar – snorts.  Of course, all of them have some type of ‘teething’ help for him.  He seems to be going through the puppy stage of everything needs to be nibbled.  That includes: fingers, toes, hooves, paws, ME – snorts.  Thus, he needed some help in that department.  I think he really likes his new toys we got him.


He played hard with all of them.  Can you guess which one is his favorite so far?  Yep, it would be teething piggy.  Heck, I kind of like that one too.  He’s a lot of fun being chewed.  And of course, he has to check out mom’s feet.  Right now, the little guy is so short and low to the ground that he finds everyone’s feet fascinating.  He follows them everywhere in the Hotel Thompson.  And occasionally, he will lick toes.  Mom just squeals with delight.  I do that to her too 🙂  Silly mom huh?

And don’t think daddy gets left out of the fun.  Houdini is a equal toe licker – snorts that sounds so terribly bad doesn’t it?


And this past Friday, mom took off from the worky place to get Houdini his next set of shots and for a wellness check.  Everything checked out okay.  Can you guess how much he weighed in at this visit?  Go ahead – you’ll never be able to guess.  Ready for it?  A whopping 2.4 pounds!  Man, he’s a cow isn’t it?  Snorts and rolls around laughing.  He goes back to the vet in three more weeks for one more set of puppy shots.  Then he’ll go back for his yearly shots.  The little guy has been poked and prodded so much in the past 12 weeks it’s unreal!

And look at this picture to the left, he is trying to get to dad’s toes under the tray so dad can’t get him.  He’s way too funny the little guy!

So there’s your update on the Houdini.  Stay tuned for more my friends!


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Snuggle as a Bug in Bed

Good morning my friends.  This is me to the right – you see I’m all snuggled as a bug in bed.  This was taken this morning after my breakfast.  Mom wrapped me up and we snuggled on the couch watching the morning news on the television.  I was so comfortable!

In fact, WE were so comfortable that mommy and me both fell off to sleep together.  Snorts – if it wasn’t for daddy finding us together like this shortly afterwards, mommy would have been late for the worky place.  That would have been something, wouldn’t it?  Can you imagine mom calling her worky place?

“I’m sorry.  I’m going to be late.  I fell asleep with the pig.”

Snorts – rolling around laughing.


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