7 Weeks of Weird

06 Aug

Today my new friend here is highlighting 7 weeks of weird in “Weirdest Way You’ve Earned Money”.

Now this week is a little more difficult.  WOW – the weirdest way I’ve earned money.  It took me a LOT of thinking on this.  I mean for obvious reasons – snorts – I personally don’t need money.  I just use mom/dad’s credit cards 🙂  But there are times that daddy has told me to step up to the plate to keep me in piggy chow.  I mean I don’t need green backs but I can be paid in other ways concerning my pot-belly.  Let’s review what I’ve done the past several piggy years shall we.

When mom’s friends have parties for their children, sometimes they ask mom to bring me over.  I get to walk around snorting and having a fun time.  The kids love playing with me.  I usually get paid in food.  I’ve gotten entire watermelons, squash, lettuce and carrots.  Hey – I was a happy piggy 🙂

Daddy’s weirdest job he ever had?  He worked many years in a mental health institution.  The stories he can tell – snorts!  They would blow your mind.

Mom’s weirdest job she ever had?  She used to work as a phone operator in an answering service.  She has a great voice – 🙂


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31 responses to “7 Weeks of Weird

  1. Boomdeeadda

    08/06/2014 at 1:24 am

    oh hey, party entertainer would look suspicious on a girls resume. People might get the wrong idea..giggle. I’d like you to come to one of my parties, I would make you a Big Salad, cause I’m a vegetarian 😀 xo

    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 9:14 am

      OH SQUEAL with delight! I’m so there. I eat all kinds of veggies. I’m mom’s sous chef in the kitchen at night. She let’s me sample all of the different things she is cooking. You know a taste tester. LOVE YOU! XOXO – Bacon

  2. easyweimaraner

    08/06/2014 at 4:58 am

    Bro, that’s a super job… to get your payment in food is great! And I bet ALL kids will remember the party together with you… think you even can claim royalties :o)

    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 9:17 am

      Hey brother – that’s a thought – royalties. I think I do a good job. One time, it was a bunch of girls. They *fixed* me up – rolls piggy eyes. What I do for food. They played with my hair and dressed me. Thank GOD mom wasn’t there to take pictures. I would be ruined. XOXO – Bacon

      • easyweimaraner

        08/06/2014 at 9:19 am

        uoh! Imagine such pictures online… and what if Miss Piggy would see that….

      • PigLove

        08/06/2014 at 9:23 am

        Exactly! Thank the piggy heavens that it didn’t get out there. My manly hood would be GONE in 60 seconds. XOXO – Bacon

  3. onespoiledcat

    08/06/2014 at 6:14 am

    Say Bacon – being a party animal isn’t such a bad deal is it? Payment in food – sounds good to me! As for your Dad – I’m sure he DOES have some weird stories to tell……and your Mom being a phone operator? It wasn’t for one of “THOSE” kinds of 900 numbers was it? Hmm? Do tell!!!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 9:18 am

      Yeah, I can deal with being a party animal in payment for food. I do love my food. Daddy has so many stories to tell – WOW! I’m going to have to post some one day. As far as mom… I’ll never tell. Piggy lips are sealed! XOXO – Bacon

  4. Reilly & Denny

    08/06/2014 at 6:14 am

    nothing better then doing the party scene especially with all the foodables that get given out !

    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 9:18 am

      Yes indeedy my friend! XOXO – Bacon

  5. The Canadian Cats

    08/06/2014 at 6:48 am

    Wow….you were a party pig entertainer Bacon! You got all sorts of food. Now what more could a pig ask for.


    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 9:19 am

      Exactly! It keeps my piggy bucket full in the fridge. That’s a great thing… so says daddy too – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  6. Molly The Wally

    08/06/2014 at 12:10 pm

    We bet mum and dad could tell some stories. LOL being paid in food sounds good to us Bacon. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 12:25 pm

      Thanks sweet Molly. They do have a LOT of stories – snorts. Have a great hump day! XOXO – Bacon

  7. Genevieve Petrillo

    08/06/2014 at 12:21 pm

    So you’re a party clown with ax watermelon paycheck?? Awesome! That’s a little weird, but for me, it’s a dream job.

    Love and licks and mmmm, watermelon,

    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 12:25 pm

      See, you know what I’m talking about my friend. Food is way more important to us than the green stuff. Always! XOXO – Bacon

  8. Marty the Manx

    08/06/2014 at 1:10 pm

    Sammy is right! Party animal would look great on your resume! MOL!

    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 1:16 pm

      Snorts. I may definitely have to add that to my business cards. Wouldn’t that be awesome!? Thanks Cousin Sammy for suggesting it – XOXO – Bacon

  9. Mental Mama

    08/06/2014 at 1:17 pm

    Excellent, thanks for joining us!

    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 1:32 pm

      Thank you my friend!! XOXO – Bacon

  10. guineapigsqueak

    08/06/2014 at 3:41 pm

    Hehe, being pushed around by children, eh? Well, at least they can’t squeeze you like some little hoomans tried to do to us, eek! Luckily Mum was there to make sure they didn’t hug tooo tight!
    The Pigs xx

    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 3:56 pm

      Snorts – they do try to squeeze. I have to speak up and squeal to let them no that’s not good…. sometimes I fart if they do that – PLOL (piggy laughing out loud). XOXO – Bacon

  11. pawedblog

    08/06/2014 at 3:49 pm

    Bacon, your job definitely sounds the best out of that lot!!… I used to be an operator too! Would LOVE to hear some of the stories your dad has!
    Hugs, Carrie and pups x

    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 3:57 pm

      Snorts – thanks my friend. I think I’ll ‘interview’ him and get a couple of good stories out of him… be on the look out for them 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  12. katsrus

    08/06/2014 at 4:37 pm

    I bet you would be the life of the party Bacon. Sounds like you got paid good too.
    Sue B

    • PigLove

      08/06/2014 at 4:44 pm

      aaww thanks my friend. It is a fun time. Can’t wait to do another one. XOXO – Bacon

  13. speedyrabbit

    08/07/2014 at 2:07 am

    hehehe party animal you!but then that makes to of us,xx Speedy

  14. mythreemoggies

    08/07/2014 at 4:17 am

    agh makes sense with Easy’s post also

  15. Miss Harper Lee

    08/07/2014 at 11:25 am

    I’ve never earned a single penny in my whole life. My humans point this out to me all the time. 😉

    • PigLove

      08/07/2014 at 11:55 am

      Snorts. Well, I haven’t earned in hard cold cash myself lovely. I usually get paid in food. I think that is more valuable than green stuff – don’t you? XOXO – Bacon

  16. Amanda

    08/18/2014 at 5:06 pm

    I habe had two weird jobs church bus worker and a nanny for a dog you decide which is weirder Bacon. Bith fun with their share of challnges and insanity


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