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Spies Like Us – REMINDER!

Oh Dear Piggy Heavens.  Forrest and I have been at it again.  Talking seems to bring out the evil in us – which is a good thing – snorts.  You know us anipals see a lot in our homes.  We hear a lot too.  Our humans can and are CRAZY.  Sometimes that CRAZY leads to borderline insane which is hilarious by our standards.  As my friend Forrest said in a recent email to me:

“Humans are nuttier than squirrel turds.  The wheels are spinning but the hamsters have run away”.

Hey, us anipals know that’s the truth.  So, we’ve been talking about conducting a little Blog Hop contest called appropriately “Spies Like Us”.  Our mission as anipals (if you wish to accept) is to video, take pictures or tell us about something your humans have done.  We all know we have nutcases as our staff.  Here’s our chance to proof it.  Think hard about something crazy.  Something insanely stupid.  Something that we just won’t believe.

Send your submissions to either me or Forrest by AUGUST 1, 2014.

We will then post them and take a poll to see who wins.  What does the winner get you ask?  Well, the winner will get a badge letting the world know that they have the craziest humans ever!  Now that is something to brag about.

So put on your spy glasses, get out your cameras and start snooping around the house creeping up on your humans… like we need an excuse to do that – snorts.

My email:


20140515-085800.jpgRemember this picture of my dad that I took several months ago?  Auntie Sharon sent the head band back with Bashful went he came back home from Australia.  Mommy put it in the curio cabinet with our other collectibles from Bashful’s field trips.  Mommy went to bed early with a headache and daddy thought he was super ninja – snorts.  He forgot about me having the camera and trust me, I used it.

Not only did he put the head band on, turned on ninja warrior music and was dancing, he got CAUGHT by mommy.  That almost made him fall on his bum – it was a hoot.

So friends – this is what we are talking about.  Catch your humans in crazy like this and send it to me or Fozzie.

You can do it SPIES LIKE US!


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National Chicken Wing Day

OMP (Oh my pig!)  Today is National Chicken Wing Day – can you believe that? A local restaurant here named Hooters is having all you can eat wings in honor of this day.  Look at this picture I got off their web page – yummy!  Is your mouth watering?

Don’t they look delightful?  I believe mom is treating dad to these wings tonight at our local place.  I wonder how many my dad will eat?  Ten – twenty – more?  You want to take a guess and I’ll let you know the answer tomorrow my friends 🙂


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

I have the subject locked and loaded. It’s just a matter of seconds now before this powerful machine takes off, leaps and catches his prey. I have the skills of a ninja. I’m silent and deadly. You’ll never see me coming. Do you have this kind of talent pig? Signed Sniper One

Dear Sniper One,

I’m shaking here at the Hotel Thompson in my hooves. WOW – that is some talent you have there. I’m amazed. I’m almost speechless. What was your prey? A fly? Oh I know… a piece of dust? Snorts. I don’t need to have ninja skills, or be silent to be deadly. I just need cuteness. Insert evil deviled ham snort. Carry on my friend.



Dear Bacon,

I think my wife has some explaining to do. You see we got married, I had to leave for some business. I came home and there was our “baby”. I think the baby *looks* like us but is not us in some way, fashion or form. I don’t think it’s his coloring – that matches. I don’t think it’s that cute little nose – that matches. I can’t put my paw on it but I don’t think he’s mine. I think I may need to call Maury Povich for a DNA analysis. You think? Signed Mr. Rabbit

Dear Mr. Rabbit,

All that matters is love my friend. So he’s different, so what? I’m different than my mommy and daddy too. Doesn’t mean they don’t love me just the same. What’s done is done. That’s why the past is in the past. Just because something doesn’t look like us doesn’t mean we can’t love them with all of our heart.



Dear Bacon,

They say that grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I tried to see. I got stuck. Awesome huh – NOT. I don’t get it. I’m an alligator. I’m stuck half way up a fence. A human sees me. What do they do? You would think help but no – let’s pull out that camera phone and take a picture of the gator stuck on the fence. Dude, if I was off this fence, I’d show them where to put that camera phone. Signed Stuck in Mid Flight

Dear Stuck in Mid Flight,

Snorticles. Really dude… I’m not snorting *at* you. I’m snorting at the situation. Let’s look at this for just a tiny minute. You said quote, “If I was off this fence, I’d show them where to put that camera phone.” That’s rich. That’s probably WHY they didn’t help you out. They were simply afraid of you. I know – I know. You can’t really blame them. They don’t see you as the cuddly, loveable snuggable type. They see teeth, nails, teeth, long tail, teeth and massive power strength. Shrugs piggy shoulders. That’s how it is dude. I do hope you got off the fence. I’m sure eventually someone did help, right? Stay strong my anipal.


20140507-085302.jpgDear Bacon,

I’ve been holding back in writing to you but I have this huge mystery. See, my human took this picture of me back when it was Winter. I saw this cute poodle in the hood. I went up to say hey, but she didn’t *smell* like a regular pooch? It was weird. What do you think? Have you ever seen this chick before? Signed Pugalicious

Dear Pugalicious,

Step back from the poodle my friend. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but that poodle is nothing but cold and made of ice – snorts. Really. She’s snow my friend. You know that white stuff that falls from the sky during Winter. Some human made a poodle chick to fool you. She is kind of cute though. Look at the tail on her – hubba hubba.


20140507-085323.jpgDear Bacon,

It’s love. Simple as that. We have found our significant other and we are in love. We have read on your blog in the past about when two half hearts find each other and they melt together forming one it’s meant to be. We looked in each others eyes and it was like we knew all about each other and felt so at home. What can we say? Signed Two Kids in Love

Dear Two Kids in Love,

aaww – That picture tells me *everything* I need to know. You two were MADE for each other in every way possible. Carry on and live long!



Remember to send your questions/pictures to me at

*YOU* make my weekly Dear Bacon issues – thank you my friends!



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