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Bashful’s Adventures

20140616-092019-33619197.jpgBashful is having an awesome time with my friend Speedy in the United Kingdom. Can you believe that throughout his adventures, he still found time to get help and to send me a Father’s Day card??  Look at it above – it touched my little heart so much.  It was the first thing that me and mommy looked at yesterday.  Thanks Speedy!!

Speedy is showing Bashful such a great time.  Please be sure to check out their adventures on their blog.  Here is just a couple of pictures they have posted.  That is the most adorable bed that little Bash is getting to sleep in at night – I ❤ it!  It looks so comfy.  And the other picture – aaww – Speedy’s mom/dad took him out to visit a stream.  WOW – he got to meet some of his ancestors!  So very cool.  Cause you know – Bashful’s dad was a rolling stone but his mommy was a brook pebble!

Have fun my little man!!  And thank you so much Speedy for hosting my little tyke.






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Me and Food

Me and food – what can I say?  I ❤ food.  It’s what I live for.. well that and snuggles from mommy.  I thought today I would show you what I eat here at the Hotel Thompson.  Keep in mind that I might be just a tad bit spoiled… just a little okay.

This by all means does not happen every day or every weekend for that matter.  But, at times mommy cooks me my very own spinach omelet with piggy chow on the bottom of my piggy feed bowl.  Doesn’t it look delish?  Trust me, it is!

If I’ve been especially good, she will put on her cook hat and toss some eggs around.  Daddy gets one too – minus the piggy chow – snorts.

Most days though, I have a combination of Cheerios and piggy chow.


Here is my snack bowl that dad will fix me during the week at times.  You can see my piggy plate better in this picture.  Dad gives me rice cakes, carrots and grapes.  Again, not every day.

My snack during the day changes according to what is in the pantry here at the Hotel Thompson.  Looks good, huh?  Sometimes I have to watch daddy because he will eat my snacks as he fixes my plate – how could he huh?


For special occasions like my birthday, I get the platter of my dreams like this picture to the left.  Who needs a birthday cake when you have all of my favorites rolled up into one delicious piggy plate?

Bananas, strawberries, grapes and watermelon.  Licks lips!  Too bad birthdays only come once a year!

If I’m lucky, mommy will fix a tub of this deliciousness so I can eat on it the entire week.  Usually when she goes shopping, this is how she does my food.  She packages it for the week so all dad has to do is pull out a container for me.  It makes it easier for him since he takes care of me during the week when mommy is at the worky place.


 This plate to the right is my normal dinner.  A great salad topped with carrots, tomatoes and piggy chow on the bottom.  I ❤ my dinner plate.  Doesn’t it look delicious.  You want some, don’t you?  Usually mommy will fix me my plate while she is fixing her salad.

And I love me some snacks.  I can be bought and persuaded to do almost anything with any of the following – Gold Fish (Crackers not sushi – snorts), animal crackers, an apple slice or okay – just about anything.

But for your amusement, there is a rule here at the Hotel Thompson. Don’t eat in front of the pig unless you plan on sharing with the pig.  Snorts – you’ll see once you look at this video.  Enjoy my friends and I hope you learned something about this little oinker that you didn’t know.


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