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Okay – Let’s Discuss This

I’ve been watching television and this certain commercial comes on that kind gets under my piggy skin.  I’m not sure if you have seen this yet.  I can’t hold it in any longer or this little oinker is going to squeal!

Breathe.  I’m okay.  Really I am.  It’s Purina Beggin’ Poppers.  Purina if you are listening, please take note.  I am *not* amused.  Really.  Why does it have to be a piggy snout that you are popping these treats off to dogs?  Friends, have you seen this commercial?  Here, take a look.

Do you see what I mean?  I know it looks cute and everything but why a pig?  Why can’t it be a cat?  Why can’t it be a roo?  Why does it have to be any animal?  Why can’t you just advertise that you can ‘pop’ those treats from the lid?  On the Purina web site, it says quote:

These bacon-wrapped, cheesey bites launch from a rubber pig’s nose for a treat that’s a blast for you AND your best friend!

Wrong.  WRONG.  It’s not a blast for you and your best friend.  Mommy doesn’t see the blast in this and I don’t either.  Stomps piggy hooves.  What if I come up with a creation that pops treats from you dog nose.  How would that be?  I just don’t get it.  Shakes piggy head and is off to write a letter to Purina.  I wonder if they will answer my email?  I will certainly let you know.

P.S.  You can’t stop laughing now – snorts.

UPDATE:  I received an email back from Purina – snorts.  Case No. 19096004 – A note from Purina.  This is what it said:

Thank you for contacting Nestle Purina Pet Care Company.  We always welcome questions and comments about our products.  We appreciate you Bacon in contacting us and expressing your feelings.  Please know that they are important to us.  We would like to assure you that your comments will be noted and forwarded to the appropriate individuals in our company.  Careful consideration will be given to your concerns.

Ok snorts – I know it sounds a little “form letter” but hey – they wrote me back.  That’s great!  I think I’m on the right track with marketing this product in another way – double snorts!


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Now *That* is a Dilemma

I need help.  Stop laughing.  I really need help.  I’m in a piggy dilemma.  Me and mom are both feeling the same way.  Have you ever felt hungry and wanted something but you just didn’t know what you wanted?  You have choices – lots of choices.  You pick one and afterwards you’re like ick.  It just didn’t stop the craving… not that you’re craving anything particular.

Mom and dad go through this scenario all of the time here at the Hotel Thompson.  It goes something like this.  Mom – “What do you want to eat?”  Dad – “I don’t know, you?”  Mom – “You want mexican?”  Dad – “Not so much, you?”  This back and forth of suggestions goes on what seems like hours.  And then dad will finally say, “I don’t care, whatever you want to do.”  This is usually followed up by mom saying, “Whatever you want to do.”  For Pete’s sake – can those two humans make a decision?  Snorts.

So then mom will toss a salad.  I’m good with a salad but then afterwards we are all like, “Hhhmm, that really didn’t hit the spot.”  This can go on for days!  What are we to do?  What do you do?   So you see, that’s why it’s a dilemma.

We are all foodies here at the Hotel Thompson.  We take our food serious.  Life is way too short not to.  Heck, mom is not one of those girly girls that can eat a Saltine cracker and be filled for days.  I’m proud of mom for being an eater.  But what do you do when you don’t know what will hit “the spot?”

I think personally we may have one way to solve this dilemma.  Go with me on this.  If we had a full time CHEF that was on staff here at the Hotel Thompson at our beck and call that fed us our meals, we wouldn’t have this back and forth what do you want for dinner situation.  Mr. Chef would just whip up his specialties and serve us.  We wouldn’t have to cook therefore it would be awesome.  Cause you know, food *always* tastes better when someone else cooks it.  Am I right?

And of course, we would ALL be happy – especially this oinker.  Because then I would have a 24X7 beck and call chef.  OH that’s right.  I already do in mom and dad – snorts.  But really, what do you think?  Wouldn’t it be totally awesome?

I wonder if dad would go for this?  hhmm – I gotta go leave some clues around the Hotel Thompson.  Maybe eventually by 2025 he’ll get the hint.

Happy Eating my Friends!!  P.S.  Whatta you having tonight for dinner?


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