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Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

SQUEAL!! This little oinker was privileged to receive this Wonderful Team Member Readership Award from my sweet friend  Shrimp .  Shrimp is an awesome purr thing.  You *have* to go check his blog out and tell him Bacon sent you.  I LOVE awards.  You can’t see me but I’m doing the happy oinker dance right now in my room in between typing on my keyboard.  I’m so excited!!  Thank you pal so very much!!

The rules of this award is to link back and nominate 14 bloggers.  It’s very hard to do this because personally I think everyone deserves this award!  In fact, if you don’t have this award please accept it my friends.  Share and share alike!

My nominees:

Will and Eko

Mop, Billy, Dusty, Cupcake and Pigsqueak


Cocco and Katie

Cousin Sammy

Brother Easy

Reilly and Denny

Noah, Nacho, Buddy and Basil

My great inspiration Pink Ninjabi


Marty the Manx


My sweet Girlfriend Nylablue

Lori and my Duck Friends


Thank you again sweet Shrimp.  I really appreciate the award!!  And if any of my nominees don’t do the awards – that’s fine.  Just know that all of my friends are LOVED by this little oinker!!


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Hashtags Can be Fun

Oh friends – I heard the funniest thing last night. They use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and other social media to include your own blog. It’s a great and wonderful tool.

But – you knew there was a but coming up didn’t you? But, there is a new trend on hashtags. The new trend is to say a movie name followed by the hashtag of #inmypants.  Of course, I didn’t get it for obvious reasons… I don’t wear pants.  Then dad explained it to me.  Light bulbs went off.  Then we all came up with some funny ones last night here at the Hotel Thompson. It seems kind of what is the big deal until you start doing them and possibly some wine is involved, then it goes to hilarious in about five seconds. Trust me on that.

Moby Dick #inmypants

The Fast and the Furious #inmypants

Psycho #inmypants

Gone With the Wind #inmypants

One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest #inmypants

A Streetcar Named Desire #inmypants

King Kong #inmypants

See what I mean? The more you come up with, the more you start losing control and laughing hysterically. What funny ones can you come up with to share?


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