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Blast from the Past

Another blast from the past – mom’s Glow Worm from childhood.  OMP (oh my piggy)!  How many of you had one of these things growing up?  Mom’s still works!  Do you know I looked at Ebay and they are selling for close to $50.00 now.  Can you believe that?  Whoever thought that a toy that resembled insect larvae and glowed through bioluminescence would ever be so popular?   And you know they were all girls because only adult worm girls glowed.  Did you know that?  Snorts.  Thank goodness mommy *never* throws anything away because they have ‘special’ memories for her.  Heck, who needed a night light back in the day when you this glow in the dark insect to take with you to bed?


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New friends.

OMP (oh my pig!) Bashful is on the way home BUT check out his friend he is bringing with him – Koishi – she is a looker! XOXO – Bacon


Bashful is somewhere between here and Bacon’s house at the moment but they are in for a surprise! Bashful met a friend in Kyoto called Koishi and she decided she would like to visit.  Bashful the pet rock with his new friend Koishi.

I have a new friend too called Eddie. He comes from Katherine from Pillows A La mode. I love Katherine. She is an education writer which means her books help people learn to read or help develop their reading skills.    The first book I ever held was in this format and I send out gratitude to these wonderful people all over the world.

Education isn’t just power, it is self-esteem,connection and hope.  Katherine is also a wonderfully, inspirational upcycler, recycler.  One of her pet projects is her “what can you make with a ?” series. Kathleen has inspired me to try it too, both here and here. So without further ado I present Eddie the Bear who until quite…

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Hey – This Piggy Needs Your Help Please


I need your help friends.  I’m totally confused here at the Hotel Thompson. 

Last night mommy put me to bed like she always does.  You know, the normal tuck me in, kisses/snuggles and a short bedtime story.  Afterwards, she went to bed with daddy.  But you see, I really wasn’t asleep when mommy left my room.  I got back out of bed and tip toed on my hooves to the bedroom door.

I heard mommy and daddy talking in their room and I wanted to hear too.  I know – I shouldn’t piggy eavesdrop but I just had to know what they were talking about.  You’ve been there, right?

So there I was with my ear to the door and I kept hearing daddy tell mommy, “Pull my finger”.  What does that mean?  Mommy kept laughing and saying no.  I don’t get it.  Should I tell mommy, “Pull my hoof?”  Shakes piggy head in confusion.

Can you help a piglet out friends?  Have you ever been told this?  What does it mean?


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