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REMINDER – Movie Night with Bacon


We have movie night here at the Hotel Thompson often.  Every once in a while, I get to choose the movie. 🙂  It’s always a fun time when I get to because you just never know what I’m going to pick.

One week, I picked a scary movie.  Of course, I hid behind mom on the sofa behind her back and only peeked with one eye opened at the television screen occasionally.  Snorts.  It’s what I do.

But the other day, I found the bestest of all movies.  I don’t know how I’ve never seen this one before!  It was great.  It was wonderful.  It was right up my alley.  Nope, it wasn’t Charlotte’s Web or Babe – nothing like that.

So get out your popcorn and your soda and come back here tomorrow.  I’m going to break down the movie for you.  🙂  It should be a blast!


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a little help from my friend Bashful.

You can quit wondering where my little tyke Bashful ended up at – here he is with Auntie Sharon down under! Squeal! XOXO – Bacon


Pet Rock Bashful helping with sewing.
Some of you might find it hard to believe but I have had a pet rock from Georgia, America helping me these last few days! I have had a lot of work on for Creating a Welcome and my anipal mini me page. This little rock has had many adventures all over the world and you can read about them here. He belongs to a little piggie called Bacon. 

Bashful In his traveling box.
Bashful arrived a few days after his birthday in a box filled with human and anipal treats. Bashful didn’t mind having his birthday in transit with aussiepost and has made up for it by having many treats and games here.

Jack, Tricky and Bashful enjoy a game of "squirrel"
It isn’t all work here at gentlestitches, here Jack, Tricky and Bashful play tug o war with the new squirrel toy Bashful gave them.  Jack and Bashful take the squirrel and play keeping’s off from Tricky but tricky has a…

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Wordless Wednesday


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