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Blast from the Past

Shivers – Just look at that thing – and I say that loosely.  

20140321-084504.jpgI told you a couple of months ago that mom has been cleaning up some old boxes from her and dad’s childhood.  Well, this is another ‘toy’ from mom’s past.  Toy – snorts.  I think this is why me and mom think clowns are evil.  Look at that thing.  How in the world do you ‘play’ with such a thing and not cringe when you see clowns?

Can you just imagine that evil clown hiding in the box.  You hear the music going and going and then all of a sudden “POP” goes the clown.  Give this little pig a break.  I’m going to say it.  I would just drizzle right there and then!  I think the house would be flooded.

Did you have one of these things during your childhood?  Admit it, go ahead.  And  how do you feel about clowns now?

That’s right.  I thought so.  You’re welcome.


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Oh Hemi – You Are Too Funny

Hemi is one of the purr things here at the Hotel Thompson.  He’s always getting into trouble – way more than me.  Can you believe that?  Snorts.   Mom calls him her “Fear Factor” cat because he has no fear of anything.

Last night, he was rolling around on dad’s television tray trying to get some love.  I pulled out mom’s video camera and video taped him.  You *have* to watch until the end to see what kind of nut Hemi is.  It’s way too funny!  “I” would never do anything like this.  Nope, no way – snorts.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!


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