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Poor Daddy – Way Too Much Time


My poor daddy.  He has way too much time on his hands these days here at the Hotel Thompson.  This is another reason that Spring should get here ASAP.

He spent a LOT of time in the bathroom this morning.  More so than usual.  I mean, men as a norm spend a lot of time in the bathroom and can destroy it in a matter of a few seconds… well that’s what mommy says.

But poor dad – he was in there by himself for a long time.  We could hear him chuckling which was odd.  I mean, who goes into the bathroom for a long time and chuckles?  I guess this was our first clue that something was up.

Later on in the morning, mom went into the bathroom, did her business and found this.  She started laughing.  Okay by now this little oinker is wondering what is up with all of that laughter in the human scratch box.  That’s when mommy showed me this.

Shakes piggy head.  I told you.  Daddy has way too much time on his hands.  Spring needs to get here ASAP so we can all get started on a little spring cleaning.

First up, take away markers from bored daddy – snorts!


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