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Do You Remember –

OMP (oh my pig!)  Mommy was cleaning out some childhood boxes here at the Hotel Thompson that she had and came across one of these.  She oohhed and aawwed.  Then her and daddy had to play with it.  Rolls piggy eyes – such simple humans they are – snorts.  Do you remember this?  Did you have one?




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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,20140217-041931.jpg

This is my mini-me.  Okay I know he’s not exactly a mini-me because I’m a pooch and he’s a kitty but we look the same which is what really is a mini-me, right?  I pity the fool that messes with my mini-me.  They have to get through me first.  What do you think?  Signed Me

Dear Me,
That is adorable that you have a cute little friend that you protect.  We all need protectors in this day and time.


Dear Bacon,20140217-041952.jpg

Stomps back feet.  It just isn’t fair.  Nope.  It’s not.  The other bun buns wanted to play hide and go seek.  They told me to cover my eyes and start the count down and I did.  They left me like this for hours.  Can you believe that?  Signed Counting

Dear Counting,
You poor bun bun.  Did they tell you that you count to a certain number and then you go search for them who are hiding?  Shakes piggy head.  Some people can be so unfair.  Don’t you worry about them.  You’ll get them next time okay sweet friend.



Dear Bacon,20140217-042012.jpg

Somehow I don’t believe that this outfit does me justice.  My humans think that it is just so adorable but I think it’s so yesterday.  What do you think?  Signed Uptown Kitty

Dear Uptown Kitty,
You do look absolutely adorable in your outfit my friend.  I can’t really say that it’s yesterday.  I mean, look at the the rhinestones on the pocket.  Aren’t shiny things one of your favorites?  I think *you* make that outfit my friend.  I say wear it with pride!




Dear Bacon,20140217-042041.jpg

What?  You’ve never seen two pugs asleep in bed together?  It’s our comfy spot.  We could both sleep like this for hours at a time.  We love our little bed… just like you love your bed.  Signed Two Pugs in a Pod

Dear Two Pugs in a Pod,
Hey, I’m not saying anything.  If you have a comfy bed, I say go for it.  I’m ALL about comfort while one is sleeping.  And trust me, I do my share of beauty sleep.  Carry on my friends!  Sweet dreams!



Dear Bacon,20140217-042110.jpg

Our human insists on us getting some play time in together.  I’m not sure this is what we thought the play time would be though.  I can’t get my leg up on this pole to save my life.  My little belly gets in the way.  What’s a dog to do?  Signed Pole Play

Dear Pole Play,
I’m afraid I can’t help you there my friends.  Looks down at my pot belly.  My pot belly would no way in this entire world let me lift my leg that high.  No way.  Not going to happen.  I just say run around the studio and have fun.  That’s exercise, right?


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