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Hell Froze Over

Well that’s what mom and dad says. Remember yesterday when I was talking about us possibly getting snow? Well it happened. Which is really out of the ordinary because we just don’t get it hardly ever here in the South.

I guess my snow dance helped. I’m surprised and in awe. I did go out into my magical back yard. I learned several things about me and snow in the back yard yesterday.

First off in the great words of my cousin Savannah, snow is cold. No let me say that in another way. Snow is really cold. My hooves got cold. My snout got cold. I was cold.

Second off, snow is wet and messy. I got wet all over. Even my under carriage got cold and wet  Why do you ask?  Short legs + deep snow = wet pot belly. I didn’t know I could squeal that high. 

That brings me to my third revelation about snow. Snow combined with wet and cold is slippery – especially on cold hooves. I would like to say mom took pictures. She didn’t. Go ahead and ask me why. I’m glad you asked. Because mom also slid and fell on her butt. In the snow. In the wet. In the cold. It’s a good thing she had padding back there.

And you know what else me and mom learned? I could go down my ramp to the yard but not back up. Why not? Because it was slippery. So mom had to (a) chase me – snorts. Why make it easy for her? I was still laughing at her falling. Then (b) she had to pick me up. After falling and hurting her back and hip. PLOL (piggy laughing out loud). Then (c) mom had to carry me up the deck.

So what did we learn from out adventure on the cold wet snow? I’m spoiled. And I’m strictly and inside piggy. Snorts.          



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