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Play with Your Food?

Daddy was goofing off with his iPad and found this picture of a banana wearing a hat.  Yep, of all of the things daddy could be looking at, he was looking at bananas.  Strange human he is.

He thought this banana was the cutest thing well since me – snorts.  I just shook my piggy head and walked away.  Walked away that is until I heard him ask mommy, “Hey, we got any nanners in the house?”

Okay, so I redirected my walk back towards daddy.  I mean hey, he’s discussing *my* “nanners” as he calls them.  What did he want with them?  I know he’s not going to eat one.

Yep, you guessed it.  The rocket scientist wanted to play with my food to make said banana hat.  WTP (what the pig!)  I get in trouble when I play with my food and mom is going to let him?  I watched slightly intrigued as to how long this was going to take before he gave up and gave me my banana.

After twenty minutes – rolls piggy eyes – dad did accomplish a somewhat crooked nothing like what this picture looked like of the banana wearing a hat. WOW.  Amazing dad.  Really.  Way to go.

Can I have my banana now?  Snorts.



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