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Mom is in Love with Another Miniature!

I know!  I’m as shocked as you are.  She called daddy yesterday while I was on the couch with him.  I could hear every word.  She said she was in love with another miniature, she didn’t know where he had been all of her life and she wanted it to last with him forever!  OMP (oh my pig!)  That conversation just threw me into shock.  Daddy just laughed and said he couldn’t wait to meet the new miniature in her life.  Daddy – you too?  CRY!

I was upset all afternoon.  I had been replaced!  What to do – what to do?  Should I pack my little hobo pack and runaway from the Hotel Thompson?  All of these thoughts kept crossing my mind.

Mom finally came home and it was weird.  She greeted me at the door like she normally does.  All loving and sweet words with a scratch behind my ear.  What was up with this?  I didn’t see my miniature replacement.  I kept inquiring and daddy asked mommy did she bring it home?  Bring what home mom – do tell.

Then she pulled this little package out of her coat pocket and said, “Yes, I did.”  Daddy took the package and ate something out if it saying he loved the new miniatures too.  Someone, anyone, throw me a bone here.  What in the world is going on?!

Then mom leaned over and told me I could have ONE new miniature.  Oh thank the Heavens above – *that* kind of miniature.  Yep, I agree.  I like the new miniature too – winks.




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