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Thank You My Cousin Sammy!


Are we the only ones at the Hotel Thompson who feel like we are playing catch up due to the holidays?  It seems like mom takes two steps forward and three steps backwards every day in trying to stay ahead of the game.  And well me, I have great thoughts to share with all of you my friends but it is cold!  This little piggy just doesn’t do cold very well.

Around the holidays, my cousin Sammy at sent me the most awesome gift.  A piggy night light!  And you know what, I didn’t have one.  It is wonderful in the middle of the night helping me go to me wee-wee pad in my bedroom.  I absolutely love it.  It fits just right in my room that mom/dad have been painting.  Do you notice the color?  Barnyard red is what mom called it.  I’m not sure what she is trying to tell me.  You?

Thank you my dear sweet Cousin for the piggy night light – I love it!!


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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,


 I’ve been practicing ‘the look’.  You know the one.  The one that gets you anything and everything because it’s just so darned cute and your humans melt.  What do you think?  Do I have it down yet?  Signed Sweetness

Dear Sweetness,
Oh friend – you *definitely* have the look down.  There is absolutely no way the humans could resist that “Who me, I’m so cute there’s no way I could have done it look”.  I think I need to practice more on that look for the new year.  Keep up the great job and keep smiling!



Dear Bacon,
You find that one spot in the entire home that has that glorious stream of heat coming down from the heavens and you just have to wallow in it.  Do you know what I mean?  Signed Heavenly Hound

Dear Heavenly Hound,
Oh dear pig YES.  Those are rays of joy, rays of absolutely goodness – rays of happiness my friend.  You look like you are savoring it to the fullness.  Enjoy and get some shut eye for me as well 🙂


Dear Bacon,20131209-013638.jpg

Have you ever been so hungry but yet so very tired that you just couldn’t make it any more?  I just couldn’t stay awake for a single minute more but yet if the humans moved the plate, I woke up.  Why are we like that Bacon?  Signed Tired and Hungry

Dear T&H,
Awe – you are a growing pup my friend.  I’m all about the food – heck I’m a pig – literally – snorts.  You just want that confirmation that your food is going to be right there waiting for *you* when you wake up from your power nap.  I completely understand and I have been there.  You don’t need to worry about it at all my friend.



Dear Bacon,

Me and my humans have an understanding.  They can snuggle with me but when they do, I get total and complete possession of the remote.  It’s an awesome deal.  They get to calm down by petting and playing with me and I get to watch all of the Animal Planet I want.  Do you have this rule at the Hotel Thompson?  Signed Power Kitty

.Dear Power Kitty,

You are calling the shots my friend.  I think it’s an ideal rule to have and is a win-win situation for all parties involved.  We don’t have this rule at the Hotel Thompson.  I usually like what mom likes and if I don’t, then I can go to my bedroom and watch my own television – that’s another win-win situation 🙂  Carry on and happy watching the Animal Planet 🙂


Dear Bacon,
This wasn’t funny.  I look like a anteater in this get up. My human threw this paper towel holder on the floor for me to play with.  I stuck my nose in it, the human put the glasses on me and there you go – I look like creature from out of space.  This ever happen to you?  Signed Pom in Disguise

Dear Pom in Disguise,
I have to admit that it does look funny my friend.  I know you probably don’t think so from the side you are on but from the side I’m looking – snorts.  My downside here at the Hotel Thompson are boxes.  I love boxes.  I can destroy one in nothing flat these days.  Who cares what you got me inside of the box.  I would rather destroy and make festive pieces of cardboard all over the floor.  Don’t be too unhappy with your human my friend.  They were just playing in the ‘human’ way.


Remember my friends – continue sending your pictures/questions to me at


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