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I’m Monkeying Mom Out –


I would say ratting her out but well – you see – it’s more like monkeying her out – snorts.  Mom got a onesie for the cold weather here in the south.  Okay I have to snort really loud on that because it’s like an oxymoron.  We’re in the South mom – we don’t get that kind of cold weather, not really.

But she saw this onesie pajama outfit, tried it on and took a selfie of it in the dressing room.  First off, mom you are not two.  Onesies look so adorable on babies.  Second off, what’s with taking a selfie in the dressing room?  Isn’t that *my* job to take these pictures of you and embarrass you?  I had to find these pictures on your cell phone when you weren’t looking.  You didn’t even tell me about them.  I’m going to have to start going through your cell phone pictures more often mom.


And do you notice friends her feet?  They are sock monkeys.  Mom is taking this whole entire sock monkey too far now.  First it was Monkey Man and his team in the back of the Smart car and now she is wearing a sock monkey.  Snorticles.

I know I’ll probably pay the time for posting this of mom but hey – it’s all in good fun and a couple of chuckles, right?  Remember that mom when you read this 🙂

And I know you are just wondering if there is a hidey flap in the back of the onsie.  You were, wasn’t you? Snorts – there is.


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