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It’s Over


Mom and dad said they received word that Santa and Mrs Claus are officially on vacation. They were sighted on a beach kicking back for some much needed rest and relaxation. I don’t blame them. I’m sure it was a very hectic holiday season. I’ve heard that it’s not easy keeping eight reindeer and a bunch of elves in line. I can only assume that’s it’s kind of like trying to keep daddy out of trouble during this time of year – almost impossible snorts.

It was a lot of fun here at the Hotel Thompson on Christmas Day. I only got in trouble one time. Okay maybe a couple of times but I was excited and I only count one time. Daddy left the baby gate open that usually cuts me off from the kitchen. I kind of maybe went into the kitchen and ate the purr things cat food. It was really good. And did you know that pigs could climb? Well let me assure you that they can. I kind of rock climbed up the kitchen chair enough to knock over a small snack tray. I do give mom kudos though. It was a really good snack tray that she prepared. It had cheese, crackers, grapes and nuts. It was meant to be eaten, right? So there was a small delay in my fun time. Because you know mom believes in serving time for he crime. But they day was still awesome.

I spent a lot of time in deep thinking and I wanted to share something with you my friends. I know this is awe inspiring and gives us a lot of time to accomplish our goals. I mean this year it seemed like I yawned in January and BOOM it was Christmas. So this is what my calculations brought me to:

There’s only 363 shopping days left until Christmas. I mean heck look at some of you – you’re already getting in the mood. You already have decorations up. ūüôā

Happy Planning my friends!


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The Day After –

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday.  It was joyful and wonderful here at the Hotel Thompson.  It was quiet Рthe purr things were loving and mom/dad were glowing with happiness.  Our tummies were full of delightful food Рall kinds of goodies Рsweets, breads, rib roast, sweet potato casserole (one of my favorites) Рjust to name a few.

We plan on camping out, putting our feet up and relaxing for a change. ¬†Mommy is home from the worky place and has no plans of returning until some time next week. ¬†I’m a happy oinker. ¬†Life is good.

I thought I would take this chance to open up to all of my friends here in blogville.  Have you ever wondered what my life is like here at the Hotel Thompson?  My favorite movie?  Am I messy?  Am I a good pet?  My favorite food?  What I do during the day?  How I get along with the purr things and daddy?

Today is your day. ¬†I’m an open book. ¬†Go ahead. ¬†Ask me anything. ¬†I will tell you what you want to know. ¬†Go ahead. ¬†Don’t think your question is minor. ¬†Ask away. ¬†In between naps, I will answer them all.

Oh, and I know you’re probably wondering what I got in my “little” stocking – snorts. ¬†Santa was super nice this year. ¬†He filled it with egg plant, carrots, squash, watermelon, apples, celery, animal crackers and my favorites – Gold Fish! ¬†mmm – I must have done something right this year! But one thing I didn’t get was Miss Piggy ūüė¶ Perhaps one day. Until then, I can still dream!


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25 Days of Christmas Cards – Day 25



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Merry Christmas

Last night, I made a deal with the purr things. ¬†We were going to hang out near the Mickey Mouse lamp pole all night in hopes of seeing the mysterious Santa Claus. ¬†Mom/dad told us all that he wouldn’t come as long as our eyes were open. ¬†So in preparation, we taped them open just in case Mr. Sandman came first. ¬†We waited and waited to no avail. ¬†The purr things got frustrated and went to mom/dad’s room to sleep on the Select Comfort. ¬†I myself was determined. ¬†I mean hey, they don’t call me pig headed for nothing, right? ¬†Snorts.

So I waited and waited Рno snow Рno reindeers Рno fatman in red.  I was having a hard time trying to stay awake.  I jumped on the sofa and that was a big mistake.  Before I knew it, my eyes were droopy, my breathing had slowed and I had drifted off to peace on earth.

I’m not sure how much time had passed but something awakened me and it wasn’t my gas. ¬†I kept one eye closed and barely opened the other. ¬†To my surprise I saw a big fat guy all in red. ¬†He was quietly putting pretty wrapped presents around the pole that he had first mistaken as a stripper pole – oh dear Lord. ¬†But hold everything and wait a minute what is that caught my attention? ¬†A woman was beside him wearing next to nothing. ¬†No wonder for his confusion on the pole. ¬†The next thing that happened scarred me for life when Santa grabbed said woman and gave her a kiss to last. ¬†OMP (oh my pig). ¬†What was that? ¬†She turned and grinned and I saw it wasn’t a woman – it was my mom! ¬†What will daddy think – what will daddy say. ¬†I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus. ¬†THUD – piggy down.

I shut my eyes so very fast. ¬†This is not something that a pig wants to last. ¬†When I reopened my eyes much to my amazement, everyone was gone but the presents were still there – all decorated – all wrapped – tucked in neatly around the Mickey Mouse pole lamp. ¬†But something caught my eye in the corner near one box. ¬†It was green and waving, “Come take a look”. ¬†I quietly exited off my sofa and softly hooved my way across the floor. ¬†Oh dear Lord – it was a $20.00 bill – I guess Santa did get a dance from the lap pole after all.

I squealed and ran down to my room in a hurry and tucked myself in to my toddler bed. ¬†When then what did I hear? ¬†Soft taps on the roof, a jingle of bells and in a loud bellow I heard a man say, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”


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25 Days of Christmas Cards – Day 24



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The Plan Is Set –

The cookies have been made – chocolate chip. ¬†I’ve heard that’s Santas favorites… well that’s what my dad says. ¬†You know it is a funny thing – snorts. ¬†That’s dad’s favorite kind of cookie too. ¬†They have a lot in common. ¬†I have three cookies set out. ¬†Again, that’s what daddy says would be the perfect amount because of all of the other cookies he will eat in the world on this big night. ¬†Dad’s a smart man when he’s not throwing himself into drainage embankments – snorts. ¬†And by the way, thanks for all of the special thoughts with daddy. ¬†He is feeling so much better now – just in time for Christmas.

Me and the purr things have gotten special permission from mom/dad to stay up tonight in the living room to await for Santa Claus. ¬†They say he won’t come as long as we are awake but I think we can trick him.

And I’m still holding on to that one really important thing on wanted for Christmas. ¬†Nah, not the hippo. ¬†Mom discussed the pros and cons of that with me. ¬†This is the one thing I really, really, REALLY want for Christmas under the Mickey Mouse lamp post. ¬†My dream piggy ūüôā swoon

We’ll see what happens. ¬†I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas my friends. ¬†I love you bunches and bunches!! ¬†XOXO – Bacon


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Dear Bacon – Special Edition

Tis the season to be merry my friends! ¬†Today, we have a very special issue of Dear Bacon. ¬†I bet a lot of you know my special friend. ¬†He’s been hanging (literally) around my house since Thanksgiving. ¬†For those that don’t know him, I’ll tell you a little back ground.

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition¬†came out in 2005 in a children’s book. ¬†The little Elf that comes with the book has a job between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. ¬†His main job is to watch over the household and report back to the North Pole nightly on if the people are naughty or nice. ¬†He comes back to the household by morning. ¬†There’s one important thing about the Elf. ¬†You don’t touch him as doing so will erase any Christmas magic that has been blessed upon him. ¬†Every morning that he comes back from the North Pole, people in the household find him in different places. ¬†But remember, it’s all magic!

So in honor of Christmas, we have the Thompson Elf РDon Juan Рrepresenting in the Dear Bacon issue.  We hope you enjoy.  XOXO РBacon

Dear Don Juan,

You’re a fellow Elf. ¬†You know times are hard working for the fat guy. ¬†We work once a year. ¬†It’s hard to make a living like this. ¬†Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do, right? ¬†Signed Elf Burglar

Dear Elf Burglar,

Step.away.from.the.pig. ¬†Don’t make me call the Elf Union. ¬†Elves do not steal in the houses that we are to watch over. ¬†Your special Christmas powers can be revoked with a snap of a finger. ¬†You know there are other jobs you can work while in the off season. ¬†I’ve heard Walmart is looking for door greeters. ¬†Or perhaps you can join a traveling circus during down times. ¬†Anything but stealing my fellow Elf.


Dear Don Juan,

Last night, the humans they stayed up until the whee hours of the morning making cookies.  I just thought I would make my mark.  You like?  Signed Droopy

Dear Droopy,

I like and I approve. ¬†This is what I’m talking about. ¬†Good little elves help out around the house not steal. ¬†Way to go my friend!


Dear Don Juan,

I’ve read on Bacon’s blog that his human father likes to play Angry Birds. ¬†Well, I thought I would share this photo for you to take notes on future escapades. ¬†Enjoy my friend. ¬†Signed Angry Elf

Dear Angry Elf,

That’s what I’m talking about! ¬†Thanks for the idea. ¬†I definitely will pursue this one tonight.. perhaps ūüôā


Dear Don Juan,

When you have to go, you gotta go. ¬†The humans, they caught a picture of me in mid dunk. ¬†Thank goodness I was holding on and the humans didn’t see me in action. ¬†Signed Pepper Elf

Dear Pepper Elf,

Hey, you’re right. ¬†It’s nature. ¬†It’s part of life. ¬†At least you’re potty trained. ¬†Tis the season for magic in all forms.



Dear Don Juan,

What?  We get kind of bored at night staying up all by ourselves.  Sometimes we get back from reporting in at the the North Pole early. We gotta do something in our spare time for just us.  I met this chick named Frankie Stein from Monster High.  Dude, she has some moves!  Signed Pole Elf

Dear Pole Elf,

Oh dear. ¬†This can’t be good. ¬†Where did you get that money? ¬†And dear Lord, you’re sitting on baby food. ¬†There’s a baby in the house. ¬†Step away from the pole and tell Ms. Stein to put on some clothing. ¬†Shakes head.. I may need to investigate this further. ¬†Can you email me Ms. Stein’s telephone number? ¬†You know, for my paperwork.


Dear Don Juan,

It’s just a little nick and tuck. ¬†What can I say? ¬†He was on the naughty list. ¬†I had to do something to snap him into reality that this is the Christmas season. ¬†Thoughts? ¬†Signed Barber Elf

Dear Barber Elf,

Are you insane?! ¬†We can’t do that. ¬†That poor fellow is going to be scared for life. ¬†Listen here you young Elf, report back to the North Pole ASAP. ¬†I’ve gotta get this taken care of with the humans. ¬†Where’s is that Easter bunny when you need him?


Dear blogville, ¬†I hope you enjoyed this special of Dear Bacon – Elf on the Shelf. ¬†Remember, tonight is the big night. ¬†Make sure you’re extra good and leave out cookies. ¬†I’ve heard Santa likes chocolate chip and macadamia. ¬†Well, that’s what my human daddy tells me. ¬†XOXO – Bacon

Note:  Pictures were sent in by friends of mom who emailed them to me with questions.


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25 Days of Christmas Cards – Day 23



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One Day Closer…

To putting that Evil Elf on the Shelf back in the attic – if he makes it! I thought we had it bad here at the Hotel Thompson until I saw this picture on the internet. ¬†I’m not sure what evil soul posted it but shivers… that’s just wrong on SO many different levels.

Our little evil guy, Don Juan, was into lots of trouble this weekend. ¬†He almost gave mommy a heart attack Saturday morning. ¬†She was in the kitchen and was starting to fix me a spinach omelet – what? ¬†It’s one of my favorites ūüôā ¬†She got the eggs out of the refrigerator, opened the container and guess who was in the carton? ¬†You guessed right – Don Juan. ¬†She jumped pretty high for a girl. ¬†I was surprised.

On Sunday morning, Don Juan was MIA (missing in action). ¬†We all thought that was a good thing. ¬†Perhaps he got lost in transit in reporting back from the North Pole. ¬†Maybe he made a wrong turn and got hid by a reindeer. ¬†We had high hopes. ¬†Our day was going along pretty well. ¬†That is… until daddy went out front to get the paper.

Who does he find outside on the front porch writing his name into the front porch with his winkie? ¬†Shakes my piggy head. ¬†Something has to be done to this little Don Juan. ¬†What’s worse, daddy brought him back inside of the Hotel Thompson. ¬†This was our chance to get rid of the evil little elf… but no – daddy felt pity on him because it was the Christmas season. ¬†Really dad? ¬†Really? ¬†Perhaps he should sleep with you tonight then… on the sofa.


Friends, we have to ban together. ¬†There’s only a couple of more days before the big day. ¬†I am WAY open for suggestions on this juvenile delinquent elf. ¬† Desperate times call for desperate measures. ¬†HELP me before it’s too late.


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Bashful’s second day

Day 2 and Bashful is already into trouble – who would have thought that? I do hope Santa finds him… darn – I should have sent that Elf on the Shelf with him – snorts. XOXO- Bacon

the Misadventures of Misaki

As you know Bashful is staying with me until the New year so I spent today helping to make him comfortable. First of all I helped him to unpack his box

And then I treated him, as I would any guest, to a nice wash:

When he was nice and refreshed, he and I helped mummy wrap up some of the Christmas presents. Only mummy got a bit carried away:


Luckily I realised in time and helped him to break free. Phew!

A little later in the day he went missing. I was worried! I looked everywhere for him until eventually I spotted a familiar face in the tree:


Yep Bashful had found a santa hat and got quite into the Christmas spirit (I did wonder if he’d got into the spirits too lol).


Mummy was hoping to take him into London but the weather is supposed to be pretty…

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