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People who hate you

I love this saying and of course it has mom’s favorite mouse saying it 🙂 Enjoy XOXO – Bacon


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Missing Bacon

Remember to check out what Bashful is up to in the UK. Poor little tyke is homesick 🙂 aawee – he does love me. XOXO – Bacon

the Misadventures of Misaki

When I woke up this morning I found Bashful curled up with the piggy toy that Bacon sent me:

2013-12-29 13.04.07

It seemed that Bashful was feeling a bit homesick. To try to cheer him up, I sent him down with mummy down to Pet’s Corner to introduce him to some of the pigs there. Mummy said that as soon as they saw Bashful they all rushed over to say hi.

The little fellow seems so much happier now. Phew!

Tomorrow he and mummy are planning to have an adventure, I wonder where they’ll go? Pop back tomorrow to find out!

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Bye Bye Don Juan

Thank goodness the holiday season is done and over with. Christmas decorations are put up… With the exception of the Mickey Mouse lamp pole. Mom has decided that she likes looking at the lamp in the dark. Tell you the truth, I do too.

It’s been a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ve napped, shopped, rode around in the Smart car looking at lights and eaten ourselves into oblivion. Not that I’m complaining but I can kind of relate to how mom feels during her “fat” phases. Like a balloon ready to pop!

So with the first holiday of 2014 this week, all of us here at the Hotel Thompson want to turn over a new leaf and start off on the right foot and hoof. I guess that will be on the top of our New Years resolutions.

But speaking of Christmas decorations. I’m glad to report that our evil elf on the shelf Don Juan has safely been boxed up and secured in the attic. Of course I wanted to hog tie him and cover his mouth but mom said no. On the other hoof, dad was all for it. Why do you ask? Because Don Juan left one little thing for daddy before he was captured put away until 2014. I snapped a picture for you. Adios Don Juan.



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