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It’s Over


Mom and dad said they received word that Santa and Mrs Claus are officially on vacation. They were sighted on a beach kicking back for some much needed rest and relaxation. I don’t blame them. I’m sure it was a very hectic holiday season. I’ve heard that it’s not easy keeping eight reindeer and a bunch of elves in line. I can only assume that’s it’s kind of like trying to keep daddy out of trouble during this time of year – almost impossible snorts.

It was a lot of fun here at the Hotel Thompson on Christmas Day. I only got in trouble one time. Okay maybe a couple of times but I was excited and I only count one time. Daddy left the baby gate open that usually cuts me off from the kitchen. I kind of maybe went into the kitchen and ate the purr things cat food. It was really good. And did you know that pigs could climb? Well let me assure you that they can. I kind of rock climbed up the kitchen chair enough to knock over a small snack tray. I do give mom kudos though. It was a really good snack tray that she prepared. It had cheese, crackers, grapes and nuts. It was meant to be eaten, right? So there was a small delay in my fun time. Because you know mom believes in serving time for he crime. But they day was still awesome.

I spent a lot of time in deep thinking and I wanted to share something with you my friends. I know this is awe inspiring and gives us a lot of time to accomplish our goals. I mean this year it seemed like I yawned in January and BOOM it was Christmas. So this is what my calculations brought me to:

There’s only 363 shopping days left until Christmas. I mean heck look at some of you – you’re already getting in the mood. You already have decorations up. 🙂

Happy Planning my friends!


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