Time to Decorate

06 Dec


Okay friends – it’s time.  Let the decorating begin!  This is nana helping me get out my Christmas stocking to hang by the fireplace with care – snorts.  I’m thinking I might just need a bigger one this year.  I’ve been really, REALLY nice.  Heck, no naughty here for at least what the past couple of weeks 🙂

But seriously, it’s time to get things going – start making lists and visiting the big guy.  I wonder if I can go to the mall to get my picture taken with Santa Claus this year?  I’m going to have to ask mom about that.

Are you decorated yet?  Lights outside?  I’m thinking I need to do a runway with lights so he doesn’t miss me.  I wonder if I can get dad outside to do that for me?  Ohhh daddy ….

Have a great day my friends!  XOXO – Bacon


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41 responses to “Time to Decorate

  1. Ruby

    12/06/2013 at 4:17 am

    I think a runway is a fabulous idea! We have our tree up and most of our decorations up already!

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 9:35 am

      WOW – You are way ahead of the game. I have to push daddy to get everything out so me and mom can decorate the Hotel Thompson. First things first though – my Christmas stocking – snorts. Who would have thought that? I gotta work on that runway this weekend in the back yard… 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  2. fozziemum

    12/06/2013 at 6:08 am

    Crikey Bacon the size of that dang stocking I would be worried about the size of Santa …just sayin hahaah you have been very good and I am sure Santa will know this ..we have the tree up but not finished..lights outside ..well ..last year when I pruned a tree I pruned the lights bwahahaah so that’s got to be sorted..i have the cake done the pudding done the odd bits of dekkies up..been so busy..but I will get there hehe 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 9:46 am

      I understand completely. This time of the year is busy, busy, busy. I’m going to gently persuade daddy to finish with the decorating this weekend. I can’t wait! But like I said, the most important things first – my stocking! XOXO – Bacon

      • fozziemum

        12/08/2013 at 12:21 am

        Naturally…that’s a top priority!! then the rest can get done 😉 xxxx Fozziemum

  3. onespoiledcat

    12/06/2013 at 7:01 am

    Now that’s what I call a STOCKING Bacon! Although I do think a bigger one would be nice – more room for more goodies! I know you’ve been on Santa’s “EXTRA GOOD” list right? Then that stocking should be larger for sure!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 9:51 am

      Snorts – I’ve been as good as I can be – snorts. I love my little stocking. Nana helped me hang it up. I can’t wait to see what Santa puts in it… I’m so excited. Mommy says I need to make my Christmas list this weekend to get out ASAP. Have you done your list? XOXO – Bacon

  4. angelswhisper2011

    12/06/2013 at 7:13 am

    That sock is asking for a lot of treats, Bacon. I’m sure Santa can’t overlook it..MOL 😀 Pawkiss for a Happy Weekend 🙂

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 9:52 am

      Snorts. I hope he can’t overlook it. 🙂 Happy weekend to you too my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  5. Pix Under the Oaks

    12/06/2013 at 7:56 am

    That’s a BIG stocking! We have a wreath on the front door, my Mom’s foot and a half ceramic tree with lights she made us 40 years ago out and a Charlie Brown Christmas tree on The Porch. That’s it, I am done. You definitely need to visit Santa Claus Bacon, you know just to make sure the list is verified!

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 9:53 am

      But of course! I’m working on a visit with Santa. Me and mom are going to discuss my list this weekend and hopefully finish up some decorating. The Hotel Thompson needs some lights – and a runway for the sleigh – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  6. easyweimaraner

    12/06/2013 at 8:20 am

    Guess what? I have the same stocking for my gifts :o) We nearly finished our decoration, mom only needs 2 or 3 little things for the tree ( she needs just a reason to visit her junk store LOL)

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 9:55 am

      Oh snort – mom is probably going to have to do the same – last minute shopping. Shivers – no way. Hopefully we can get the decorating done this weekend. And I have to make my list. Have you done your list? AND you have the same stocking – I *knew* we were brothers! XOXO – Bacon

      • easyweimaraner

        12/06/2013 at 9:57 am

        I wrote in on two TP-rolls, hope Santa will fnish the reading till christmas :o)

      • PigLove

        12/06/2013 at 9:58 am

        Genius my friend. That’ll give him something to do while he’s in the library concentrating. snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  7. sheilaenglehart

    12/06/2013 at 8:55 am

    Many in our neighborhood had decorations up before Thanksgiving. One radio station began playing Christmas music exclusively that week as well. Burns me out fast on everything but lights. I can never have enough twinkle lights and candles.

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 9:56 am

      I’m with you – I love the lights. There is nothing like sitting in the living room at the Hotel Thompson with the lights shining, the fireplace roaring and wood cracking. I love it! It’s definitely a special time of the year. On the other hoof, no Christmas music until the day *after* Thanksgiving. It gets old really fast. I’m definitely with you on that too! XOXO – Bacon

  8. Deborah Boza Valledor

    12/06/2013 at 11:33 am

    Oh Bacon…that stocking is huge! I think it can hold all kinds of special treats and goodies. I’m showing HER your stocking and hope SHE gets the hint: I need one that big too! Here’s to full stockings!

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 2:02 pm

      Yeah buddy! You need one equally as big. I just hope mommy doesn’t get any ideas and put a new piglet in it. Shivers – that would be a nightmare. XOXO – Bacon

  9. Kuruk

    12/06/2013 at 11:42 am

    You could fit in that stocking Bacon! WOL!

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 2:02 pm

      Snorts – I did last year. It was a hoot. Me, the two purr things and all of my rocks could fit nicely in there with room for a party! XOXO – Bacon

  10. kirbysdawgblog

    12/06/2013 at 11:46 am

    cutest stalking evever! and biggest!

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 2:03 pm

      aaww – thank you my friend. I love my stalking. I just want to make sure Santa has plenty of space for my goodies 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  11. Misaki

    12/06/2013 at 12:00 pm

    You need a bigger stocking Bacon!

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 2:03 pm

      Snorts. You think? I’m off to see if they make a bigger one for little old me. 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  12. speedyrabbit

    12/06/2013 at 1:10 pm

    Ooh fun!Don’t forget to enter my count down Bacon,xx Speedy

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 2:04 pm

      Got it! I’m off to check this out. <<Not enough time on his hooves in the day!) XOXO – Bacon

  13. FreeRangeCow

    12/06/2013 at 1:46 pm

    Bacon, for Pete’s sake…you can FIT in this stocking. I think they are only supposed to be the size of your own legs and feet…just sayin’. ;oP

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 2:06 pm

      What’s the fun in that? Snorts. You have to live large – especially at Christmas – PLOL (piggy laughing out loud). XOXO – Bacon

  14. Genevieve Petrillo

    12/06/2013 at 4:16 pm

    Bacon! That stocking it HUGE! It’s big enough for Santa to leave *gulp* another pig!!!

    Love and licks,

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 5:06 pm

      OH NO – Piggy down – THUD. Cupcake, no you didn’t go there – snorts. Another piglet in the Hotel Thompson. Only if it’s Miss Piggy – squeal! XOXO – Bacon

  15. The Dancing Rider

    12/06/2013 at 7:05 pm

    Wow, that is a HUGE stocking! I like the idea of a runway….

    • PigLove

      12/06/2013 at 8:57 pm

      Snorts. I gotta do everything I can to make sure Santa doesn’t miss me. XOXO – Bacon

  16. katsrus

    12/06/2013 at 9:10 pm

    I put my inside decorations up just before Thanksgiving so would be ready when grandson was here for Thanksgiving. I usually put them up the day after. The outside ones are up. We will probably turn in next week. That a nice stocking bacon.
    Sue B

    • PigLove

      12/09/2013 at 8:40 am

      Thank you – I love my extra small stocking – snorts. I love the lights of Christmas. I bet your grandson loved all of the decorations too! XOXO – Bacon

  17. gentlestitches

    12/06/2013 at 11:31 pm

    We are sorting today and decorating tomorow! As I look around though it is very “Christmassy” here already because of all my orders in quite exciting looking rows. Koalas in Christmas hats, Donkeys, Mice and of course Cupcakes with knitted Holly!
    Your stocking looks just right to me Bacon. 🙂

    • PigLove

      12/09/2013 at 8:43 am

      aaww – your house sounds festive already with all of your little “helpers” around the house. They are all cute as buttons my Auntie Sharon! XOXO – Bacon

  18. Animalcouriers

    12/08/2013 at 1:47 am

    That isn’t a stocking, it’s a pig sleeping bag 😀

    • PigLove

      12/09/2013 at 8:50 am

      Snorts. Well you see that’s where it ends. Mom takes it down Christmas day. I eat my way through it and then pass out in it afterwards. A pig always has to have a game plan – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  19. Lori Fontanes

    12/10/2013 at 6:29 am

    We are decorated!!! If it’s not up by Dec 8th, it’s too late!!! (Cookies can come anytime, mind.)

    • PigLove

      12/10/2013 at 8:41 am

      hhmm – we are still working on the inside decorations. Daddy is bringing new meaning to the phrase pig headed. Snorts. XOXO – Bacon


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