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The wedding. The beauty. The bride. And Bashful – ūüôā Check it out my friends – Fozzie’s son got married!!


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Future Mrs. Bacon –

The piggy of my dreams has a new movie coming out next year on March 21, 2014. ¬†I’m sorry mom/dad. ¬†You are just going to *have* to take me to the movies to see it when it debuts. ¬†I’m thinking if we call ahead and make arrangements with the local theater, they will allow me in for the show. ¬†Heck, I’ll start saving my money in my human bank until then to pay for my ticket.

Miss Piggy – the pig of my dreams – swoon! ¬†Her new movie is called¬†Muppets Most Wanted. ¬†This movie is about the Muppets going on a global tour in Europe. ¬†Somehow they find themselves entangled in a crime caper headed by Constantine – who is a dead ringer for Kermit. ¬†Oh the atrocity! ¬†Personally, they can have Kermit as long as I get the pig – Miss Piggy that is ūüôā ¬†But, it’s not fair of me to wish the frog harm so I won’t. ¬†Taps hooves… thinks for a minute… asks for forgiveness… but I am the better pig – snorts.

So, here’s the preview for the new movie my sweet will be in. ¬†Enjoy. ¬†And Muppet peeps if you are listening, Miss Piggy needs more airtime please. ¬†She is the *star* of the movie in my eyes. ¬†Thank you.


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