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Enough With the Spam!

Are you tired of getting all of this Spam lately?  I just can’t take it anymore.  Stomping piggy hooves!!  Enough already – Spam should be outlawed – snorts.

You thought I was talking about email and blog spam?  Silly humans.. of course not.

I’m talking Spam.  Do you know what this stuff is made out of?  Come closer and I’ll whisper it to you – sshh – pork products.  You do realize what that means, right?  The Spam site explains it this way:

Spam is made of two cuts of the same piggy – the shock of that!  It says that the cuts come from (A) the pork shoulder because of its juiciness, tenderness and flavor and (B) the pig’s rear which is surprise – thick and flavorful.  OMP (Oh my pig!)  It’s bad enough that daddy looks at me sometimes feeling my rump wondering how many biscuits I would make.  The nerve!

I have to stop this insanity.  Why does it have to be pig?  Why can’t it be cow?  Heck, why can’t it be tofu?  Yep, I think personally that’s the way to go – tofu.  🙂

Let’s start a campaign now and take a stand – NO SPAM.  But I do have to say thank you to the Spam peeps – I am jucy, tender and flavorful – sticks tongue out!  Happy Friday my friends!







Take Note:  This was all in fun jest.  I’m not dishing the Spam makers or eaters.  I was having fun.


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Shout Outs to Tybee Island

Can you believe I’m still discussing mom/dad’s trip to Tybee Island, Georgia?  They had so much fun there – as they always do.  Mom took so many pictures and I’m trying to share them all because they are really cool – and it might be the only way I get to the beach – snorts.

I’ve talked about a lot of things on their trip, places they ate and places they went site seeing but I haven’t discussed where they stayed for their vacation.

Mom and dad walked down the Tybee Island pier several times during their trip.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures that mom took.  It shows the water, the pier, the beautiful palm trees that they had up for the movie they were making and the pavillion at the end.  This is one side of the pier.  And, if you look all the way at the very end you start to see some of the shops they have on the island – wonderful shops might I add that mom/dad like to visit.

Now, if you go to the other side of the pier you get to see something delightful.

The other side of the pier mom took a picture of the hotel they stayed at – Ocean Plaza Beach Resort.  It is located at 1401 Strand Street, Tybee Island. The big window in the middle between the hotel, that is the Dolphin Reef Restaurant.  Mom/dad loves that place.  You can actually eat and look out at the beautiful water. It’s so calming at the restaurant!


The staff of the Ocean Plaza (John, Nicole and Casey) were so wonderful, polite, ever so helpful and full of Southern hospitality.  When they learned that mom/dad were down at the beach celebrating their anniversary, they even upgraded them to a 4th floor overlooking the ocean.  Thank you Ocean Plaza for taking care of my mom/dad!!  It was so very nice of all of you in helping make their stay memorable, fun and exciting!

So if you are ever in Tybee Island, mom/dad highly recommend this hotel.  If you check in, tell them that Bacon sent you.  They know all about me of course because mom passed out my business cards and told them about me – snorts 🙂


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