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Oh NO – Not *That* Word

Mom has went over the ledge – you know that fine line of sanity.  She is talking all kinds of crazy stuff this week.  She mentioned *THAT* word.  You know the one I’m referring to.  That four lettered dirty word that should not be said in the Hotel Thompson.  Come closer – I’ll spell it for you – D.I.E.T.  Thud – piggy down.

Thankfully, she is talking about herself and doing this crazy thing called – well you know what it’s called… insanity.  I have a physique to take care of.  I can’t be bothered with not eating.  I have to maintain my pot bellied belly and figure, right?

But to help mom out, I’ve started reading up on this D.I.E.T. stuff.  Heavens to mergatroid!  There’s a reason that the first three letters of the word spell out DIE.  You can’t eat any good stuff.  No grains, no breads, no potatoes, no processed foods – whatever will she live on – celery and carrots?

We ALL know what happens to mom when she starts speaking crazy talk like this here at the Hotel Thompson.  We suffer.  I’m sure she will make daddy start doing these crazy things as well.  Last time they were on this crazy way of eating, they looked at me funny.  Funny like their eyes started glazing over and they licked their lips.  I think daddy even licked me one time during that phase.

Lord friends – what am I going to do?  There’s only so many places to hide around here.  Help?  Suggestions?


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At Least Some “Piggies” Got to Meet the Beach

20131027-183436.jpgYep, that’s right.  I said that outloud.  At least mom’s ten piggies got to ‘swim’ in the ocean at Tybee Island.  So much for ‘no pigs’ allowed, huh? snorts.

They arrive on the island on Saturday and the *first* thing mom did was run to the water and stick her piggies in it.  It does look kind of nice if I say so myself.



She took several pictures to share.  This to the right is one of my favorites showing the pier.  See all of those palm trees?  They were put out for a movie they were shooting.  You know Sponge Bob.  All of those palm trees did make the pier look beautiful and inviting.  Each day, workers from Paramount Pictures were out grooming them and fixing them up from the winds off of the ocean.

Hope you enjoy these pics of the beach.  Mom says they make her want to go back again – really soon!  You?  Maybe next time they can bring a little oinker named Bacon!



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